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  1. Congrats @Jessica2020 ! I'd totally agree with Supe's viewpoint there, you'll have to put your best foot forward at the recruitment event before admission. Try to connect with the faculty that do the work that excites you and let your passion shine through. Best of luck!
  2. I'm glad that I was able to help you out! I'm surprised that POIs at other schools are reaching out to you though! Maybe it's a field-dependent thing. Engineering professors definitely pride themselves in being too busy for their own good. But yeah, it's good that you see the value in networking at the recruitment event, it should really help you out as long as you put the energy in. Emailing the profs should double up on the efficiency as well. Best of luck, and feel free to reach out via PM if you need more help!
  3. @Supe Have you emailed or reached out to any of the professors that you are interested in working with? During my application process in 2019-2020, I never had a professor that I was interested in working with contact me directly from the application process. Even if you list them directly, most of the time they are too busy to scan through and reach out. They may not even know your specific interests, depending on what part of the application they saw (if any)! To hear from them, I would have to email them, and hope they would get back to me. I got about 70% of them get back to me even
  4. I hope you've heard back at this point! Haven't been on the platform in a while either. Do know that things will work out in the end. I didn't end up with the advisor or the place I expected, but it still seems to be a good fit for me and what I want to do. You can make it work out somehow. If the POI can't answer your emails now, it would probably get worse later on (trust me, I've done research with those "too busy for anything" professors before). I know Notre Dame is rough to lose (I definitely was disappointed at my rejections as well), but maybe it's a sign better things are
  5. Mvem, I'm sorry to hear that you were put into the back of the pile due to the pandemic. How often did you contact your POI after he asked for the follow up meeting? In my experience, many professors have had their workload significantly increase due to Covid, and your email may have gone unnoticed if you only reached out once. I am surprised you waited for this school in particular, was it the only one you applied for? At this point, it honestly depends on the professor. Some may tell you to reapply for next year, some may accept you with open arms for the spring (but may or may n
  6. @Starie that is tough news! I'm sorry that you have to go through that for the fall. It will not be an easy start to grad school. Hopefully some of the social things will start opening up over time so you can make those vital connections. I'm still waiting on my side. CU Boulder is not sure yet on what they will do, they are still weighing options. We'll see....
  7. I do think that it should! I know of a couple people who were able to work with the professor, or get into the school they wanted, because they had that funding. It all came down to the extra funding they had that the school couldn't provide for them. At the very least, having that gives you a negotiation point to speak to your program or professor of interest. They are taking less of a risk on you if they don't have to fund you, so they would be way more likely to consider your application.
  8. Where did everyone else decide to go? In the midst of the Covid crisis, I'm sure it has pushed back some decisions, but I'm curious on what everyone decided on!
  9. This actually happened at my undergrad university this semester, with one of my labmates who was in her PhD studies. She was randomly placed into a course for TA-ship, and it happened to be a course she was planning on taking the upcoming semester. Apparently there weren't so many qualified students available to TA at the time (the mechanical department, which she and I were both in this semester, at our university has only a few dozen MS and PhD students.) She also had to submit her work early, but she was struggling to learn the material early, as well as help others in the class. I sa
  10. @boulderbound what program will your wife be going into? And I know a few people in town, mostly from the PhD visit day, but one from a conference as well, and a couple people in Colorado from my university (one in Denver, and one in Colorado Springs!) As for housing, I'm working on figuring that out! I'm trying to move out there with my partner, who is looking for a job in software engineering, but is international. As he is not able to go for many of the jobs in Boulder (due to US security reasons in the aerospace sector), he is looking for jobs in other cities and towns nearby. If he
  11. Phoenix88

    Cincinnati, OH

    @Su08 Feel free to message me! No worries, and good luck! It can be hard to find spots exactly where you want to live sometimes. I know how intimidating it can be to move to another country (as I've done it twice!), so I am glad you are reaching out for help before moving to Cincy!
  12. I do think that having your research publications will definitely make you stand out, and could even limit the emphasis on the lower GPA to interested faculty. However, like dopamine_machine said, do make personal contacts, as without it, there may be too much emphasis on the number itself, rather than the reason behind it. Even if you explain it in a personal statement, a personal connection does wonders for you. With a 2.5 GPA though, I don't think it would be possible to go in for a PhD right away. It would raise some eyebrows on how suitable you would be for graduate courses, a
  13. Phoenix88

    Cincinnati, OH

    @Su08 Since you said that you were a molecular biology student, I do think that that would be a good pick for you to live near med campus, as I do think that most of your classes/labs/etc would be there. Burnet Avenue is ok, but not the best considering the Avondale/Corryville area converge there and there is still crime in the area. I know Stetson and Euclid are normally more students, so it is a bit safer, but I think Stetson is the safest of all the places you listed and it is literally across the street from med campus. Depending on your preference, many graduate students live on Jef
  14. Phoenix88

    Boulder, CO

    Any advice for banking in Boulder? I am currently with a national bank that has no locations in Colorado, so I may have to switch to another bank. I'll be moving out there in late July/early August, so I have some time to do research on it before switching.
  15. Phoenix88

    Cincinnati, OH

    @Su08 this is the main Facebook group I mentioned earlier. UC Housing: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1556851254580140/, under "University of Cincinnati (UC) Housing, Sublets & Roommates". Good luck with finding housing, and good luck with the visa process as well! P.S.: Since you are an international student, look out for IPALs events via the UC International emails (student volunteers with UC International). I'm an IPAL myself, and many people I know have made lifelong friends through international retreats!
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