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  1. Hello, I'm attending Master's and there's a course which I didn't pay much attention to as even though it's there in the curriculum, it has nothing to do with my current and future research. I got very good results for the other ones but not this one. Will it affect my PhD application? I will of course state my research interests in my letter but the course with bad grade is still there in the transcript. My school displays for each course 1 grade for continuous assessement and 1 for final exam. So in the case I would get a "fail" in 1 of them (still pass the course thanks to the average) how will that look in my transcript?
  2. Hello everyone, Anyone got their research internship/project put online/cancelled too? How would a (most probably) online internship sound in the application package? For my field, there is the possibility of doing the simulations but for certain fields online research sounds like no research at all. I still wonder how it would be looked at by the selection committee/future supervisor.
  3. Hello, I plan to apply to PhD program in the US. I was recently introduced to a scholarship program from a company in my country. It is supposed to cover the tuition fee and stipend if I am accepted to a program. It is under some conditions, though. I wonder if this can give me any advantage when the admission committee considers my application. Thank you.
  4. What I am worried about is getting filtered away... I know the 170 is high, but what about the cut-off for total score? I study Robotics which is STEM so the Q should be important. And the average score does not say anything about the cut-off score, which I never found for U.S universities.
  5. Hello, I scored 170Q/150V/4W and I'm about to apply for some PhD programs in Robotics. I plan to apply to around 15 schools ranging the top ones to the less famous ones. Is there any chance that I get filtered away (by the system) with my scores? I mean the top schools. I understand that my scores are OK, just not very good. What do you think are the cut-off scores the top schools and the less famous ones? Thank you.
  6. Hello all, I just took the GRE today and scored 170Q/150V. Is the Verbal so bad that it may get me rejected by the schools' automatic filters? Should I review and retake the test after a couple of months? I am not a native English user and plan to apply for PhD in Engineering, EECS or Robotics in 2020 (PhD starts 2021)
  7. Hello all, I am a student from Vietnam who is planning to apply for PhD at a US grad school in 2020 (PhD starts in 2021). I have a prof who is my advisor both in my scientific projects and thesis so it is quite certain that one of my LoRs be from him. However it seems like he is not a good recommender. Recently I asked him to write for me a LoR for a merit-based prize that was relatively small but required a LoR. He said he did not have time so he told me to write it and email him the letter (guess this happens in a lot of Asian countries). I tried to make the letter as specific as possible; I looked for good, detailed sample letters on the Internet. After I sent him the letter for checking all he did was deleting every single detail I added and I can only say that the modified letter looked exactly as my CV: simply listing out what I did but actually with no in-depth information! It was like "This student's project was 'name' " and that's it! For a small-scale prize like that one this actually was not really a serious minus but for grad school application I know this kind of LoR will make me rejected by every school I apply to. But it is difficult to find another LoR writer as this prof is my advisor so he "is supposed to" know me the best. What should I do in this situation? Thank you
  8. Yep please read my last comment
  9. Maybe you were just unlucky. Numbers say there are labs that accept no student at all.
  10. Just got a rejection email. They say the acceptance rate is 3% and there are more than 2000 applicants so around 60 got accepted. But I read on their website that nearly all of their 100 labs participate in this program. So there are 40 labs or even more that reject all students applying to them?
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