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  1. physicsnav

    ETH ESOP 2019

    I just received an email indicating I have been awarded an ESOP for the Autumn semester. Hope the best for all.
  2. physicsnav

    ETH ESOP 2019

    I sent an email about the notification date and they replied: “Dear student Midd/end of March you should get an email with the decision. Best regards D. Handloser” No new information. Has ESOP meeting taken place?
  3. physicsnav

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Anyone tired of waiting? 🤪
  4. physicsnav

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Hi! Does anyone know when the results of ESOP will be out? Should we expect to hear this week?
  5. physicsnav

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Anyone received ESOP interview but no news on the admission yet?
  6. physicsnav

    Over-qualified master candidate?

    Thanks. Do you think it’s a good idea to send a follow-up email to this professor explaining my reasons? I was stressed and couldn’t convince him that I couldn’t study PhD at that school this year...
  7. Hi everyone! yesterday I had an interview with a professsor. She was trying to show me that I am a over-qualified candidate for the master program... I asked her would it affect my chance? She told me she wouldn’t definitely introduce her ‘personal opinion’ in this decision and she emphasized that will be my decision... after the interview, I think I couldn’t convince her why I applied to the master program (I couldn’t apply for the phd program this year at that school). however, I’m too worried... I haven’t yet received any email regarding my application... should I send a followup email to her telling what my reasons are for applying to the master? Is a ‘over-qualified’ candidate meaningful in a master program in physics? dying out of stress. Any help is appreciated! thanks
  8. physicsnav

    ETH ESOP 2019

    sorry... you got a rejection on ESOP or master program? which master program are you in? Thanks!

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