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  1. axel18

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Just got my MSP acceptance a few minutes ago 😁
  2. axel18

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Anybody else still waiting? 😭😭😭
  3. axel18

    ETH ESOP 2019

    I got nothing here too...
  4. axel18

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Where’d you get that info? Man I get so nervous every time there’s any update on this thread 🙃 Speaking of MSP, anybody else got accepted or any news about it this week? Most of the people posting are those accepted for ESOP, or rejected for both ESOP and MSP...
  5. axel18

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Mine disappeared on the 16th. I don’t know yet, I think they’re just starting emailing people if they’re doing it alphabetically (my last name starts with an A, so there’s that).
  6. axel18

    ETH ESOP 2019

    I just received the acceptance email today! No news on the ESOP though. (MSc in Earth Science)
  7. axel18

    ETH ESOP 2019

    Hi! I applied for structural geology and geomorphology.
  8. axel18

    ETH ESOP 2019

    hey there! if you got emailed by the department that they accepted your application, does that mean you're in? in the email for the esop interview, the professor told me that they were "happy to inform" me that they "decided to admit you (me) to the Msc Program, starting in September 2019". (everything in quotations is pretty much from the email, and it was a professor that sent me the email). i had the interview last jan 30. i'm getting (much more) nervous since i got another email from the admissions committee for ETH (the overall one, I think?) the other day, asking for clarifications about my profile. i took some graduate classes from a local university, they were asking about that. i'm getting scared and jittery from thinking. also, my withdraw button has disappeared as well (i'm applying for the msc in earth sciences :D)

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