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  1. I thought I would start a thread for Columbia. I will be a student in their art history MA program; despite all of the uncertainty, I am still looking forward to the fall.
  2. Posting to follow for any additional responses. Also, Would there be any current or former MA students from Columbia who would be willing to share their experiences with the program via PM? I'm currently torn between Columbia and my other top program (both have offered funding), so any additional insights would be helpful to me. Thank you!
  3. I’m in a similar boat trying to choose between Columbia, UNC, and American.
  4. There was at least one PhD admit at UNC’s Welcome Weekend, so I would guess acceptances have gone out.
  5. Have any applicants to UMass Amherst heard back yet?
  6. Unfortunately, the email didn’t specify if it was for MA students only or both.
  7. UNC Chapel Hill’s admitted students weekend is scheduled for 2/28-2/29
  8. I heard back this week with notice that I had not been chosen for my first option and my application was being passed along to my second for consideration. At this point, I’m giving my self low odds for acceptance.
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