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  1. would be willing to share what your first option was?
  2. Has anyone heard from the Courtauld MA History of Art? Fall 2020 thread seems to be mostly US schools so thought I would start a Courtauld one.
  3. yep got my rejection. they send you a letter in the mail so if you didn't get it you should email them.
  4. Hiii - this thread is about the Guggenheim in Venice. I applied for the NY one too and haven't heard back (was accepted to Venice though!). Have also applied in the past and just got silence rather than a rejection email. You can look at old forums for Guggenheim NY internships to see when people who were accepted heard back in previous years.
  5. I applied to the Luce Scholars program, which is a one year work placement in Asia. Got my response in the mail last week.
  6. Hello! Has anyone heard back about being a Luce Scholar Finalist? Had my interview a while ago and thought I would hear back by now? I see there haven't been any forums for this fellowship before!
  7. Have any ETAs heard back? I thought we don't get notified until end of January but a lot of people in this forum have been notified which concerns me
  8. I applied for this! Have not heard back yet about this or other fellowships I've applied for.
  9. Not advice but I'm wondering what the program is that is in English and French? Can't find it online.
  10. Hi everyone! This may be a long shot but the wait for responses from NYC summer art internships (besides those that already have forums like the Met/Whitney/MoMA) is driving me crazy. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation so if any kind soul could share who they have at least heard back from at this point, it would be greatly appreciated!!!
  11. Hi has anyone heard about interviews or anything from the MoMA and/or Whitney summer internships?
  12. I don't know much about their reputations exactly, but I would go for Hunter. NYC is the best place to be for modern and contemporary (museums, center of art world) and I know that the CUNY schools are excellent for this specialty. I remember hearing last year about UT Austin getting rid of or reducing their arts library, so that may be something to keep in mind as well.
  13. Hi I am an undergrad at BU in art history and it is an amazing department, especially the Roman art specialist Fred Kleiner. He is a really well renown scholar and also one of my favorite professors/people in the department. All the grad students I've seen seem to be happy studying at BU and definitely have a really strong community amongst themselves. That said, Boston and BU especially is definitely an expensive place, although you can find cheap housing in Alston or Brighton, relatively close to BU's campus. You can message me if you want me to elaborate on anything.
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