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  1. I've lived in Boston for four years without a car; seems like it would be a pain esp with parking. The T (metro), bus system, walking, and sometimes lyft/uber are totally sufficient.
  2. Check out Allston-Brighton
  3. raye237


    This is what they told me when I asked about it: "We do not normally grand deferrals for the MA History of Art applicants due to its unique structure-option based, and options do tend to change every year. The new options for the next academic year will be determined in the Autumn, so we are not able to guarantee your deferrals at the moment-having said that, on the assumption the option you have an offer for runs for the next academic year, I am happy to ask your option leader to see if he is willing to grant a deferral." So I guess this means that the deferral would not be guaranteed? which seems really risky. Also it amazes me that they would not know the classes until the fall - my undergrad university planned out classes like 2 years in advance.
  4. Does anyone have any insight on whether international students will be able to get visas for this coming fall to study in the UK? As far as I know there is currently no visa processing.
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    Hi all, I'm considering deferring my MA this year and could use some advice/opinions. It would be from the Courtauld, where deferrals are particularly tricky, so if anyone has experience with the Courtauld specifically that would be helpful.
  6. Thanks for the info. I definitely don't plan on committing if it will be online, although I do think it is more likely it will be hybrid and mostly in person given the small class sizes. My biggest concern about it is the visa with the UK not issuing visas at the moment.
  7. Has anyone heard back yet about Courtauld Scholarships? We were supposed to hear back by mid-May.
  8. I'm about to graduate from BU undergrad and the grad program seems really strong. All of the professors I know really value professional experience post grad so I think you have a solid chance. Feel free to message me with any questions about specific professors at BU or anything else.
  9. raye237

    Two advisors?

    Check out Boston University - I'm finishing my undergrad there rn and our Latin American specialist, Ana Maria Reyes, is really wonderful. She focuses on modern and contemporary but has a broad knowledge of the region.
  10. Yes but Bard CCS is on the Bard campus in Annandale-on-Hudson. The Bard graduate center does not give the curatorial MA.
  11. You are definitely more excited about Bard, even though the Courtauld would be great too. It seems like you might regret choosing the Courtauld if your heart is really set on Bard, which also has a great alumni network for contemporary specifically. Also, I don't know if you've visited Bard but you may want to keep in mind that Bard is in a very rural area not super close to NYC (as opposed to the Courtauld which is in the center of London). Another factor to consider this year is what the fall semester will look like at each school in response to COVID-19. I am personally waiting on depositing for the Courtauld MA as long as I can until there is more information available.
  12. can someone add me to the slack? links don't work. DM me!
  13. go to the Courtauld - super prestigous/great alumni network and still supposed to be an amazing program despite the construction. Columbia is better for your PhD and you won't come out with any loans.
  14. following! I was accepted to an MA in London and would love any advice on finances/scholarships if any.
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