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  1. Sorry for asking, but what is OP? No, they have explicitly stated on their financial offer that they would not cover health insurance.
  2. Many thanks to you! I will try to negotiate my package while exploring external opportunities!
  3. Applied to Medieval studies, waitlisted.
  4. Case Western is a wonderful program for medievalists. Tulane and Tufts do also offer funding but might be not so well suited for medievalists. There is also the Institute of Sacred Music within the Yale Divinity Schools which has an MA in Arts in Religion (the Divinity School has some spots as well). And you will be able to take courses from the art history department at Yale (!). In Europe, take a look at Central European University (Medieval Studies), they do offer full funding packages. Reasonably priced MA's can be found in the Netherlands.
  5. Smln

    Fall 2021

    I emailed them and got a rejection letter a few days letter. But that was expected since I had not had an interview.
  6. Hi everyone, this forum was incredibly helpful for me during this application season so I am asking again for help! Do you happen to know any grants/fellowships/whatever for international students? I was accepted to one program with (almost) full tuition waiver but I still have to cover insurance, some fees, travel, etc. It's MA, I am female. Any hints would very much appreciated! 🙏
  7. Hi everyone, I was accepted to a school with an almost full tuition waiver but there are still some things that are not covered (health insurance, some fees) plus relocation. I am wondering whether there are any fellowships or grants or something to help me cover that? It's Master's, art history, medieval. Many many thanks in advance!
  8. Smln

    Fall 2021

    Nope. And there is nothing on the results page.
  9. Smln

    Fall 2021

    Did anyone hear from Case Western regarding funding? I got waitlisted for financial aid (Masters)😢
  10. Smln

    Fall 2021

    Williams does not say anything specific, "not later than April 15"
  11. Smln

    Fall 2021

    Thanks a lot! Just being curious!
  12. Smln

    Fall 2021

    Thank you! Quite late, would I say. I have applied to a few PhD programs (Stanford, NYU, Harvard, Wisconsin, hahaha) and funded MA's (Williams, Tufts, Tulane, Case, ISM at Yale). And CEU in Vienna, Medieval studies.
  13. Smln

    Fall 2021

    Cool!) Thank you so much for sharing! And good luck!
  14. Smln

    Fall 2021

    To those accepted to Harvard: congrats, you are awesome! 💛 What are your fields?
  15. Smln

    Fall 2021

    Hi, I have applied to Tufts, have not heard from them.
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