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  1. Yes indeed, I have also heard that they send out results pretty late, so no need to worry!
  2. Got accepted to EPS and waitlisted for their scholarship. Any MAPP applicants?
  3. Got my offer for 1-year IR with 75% tuition waiver. Declined.
  4. They started to send out the results for Political Science; my friend has been accepted, no scholarship though. Waiting for the International Relations (1 year)!
  5. IMSISS started to send out the results, I am on the reserve list!
  6. Thanks! This is pretty much an unofficial confirmation, so you just have to wait for the formal approval.
  7. I applied last year to IMCEERES only and I was rejected. This year I applied to two other programmes. Still waiting for them to send out the results. I will stick with IMCEERES but still! I think you can email them and they might tell you, although I am not sure!
  8. Thank you guys! I think most of the programmes notify you about the nomination!
  9. They have sent out the IMCEERES results and I got the scholarship nomination! Anybody else here with the news?
  10. I haven't applied to that programme but wait is definitely killing me too! I can't get off this forum, that's for sure!
  11. They have started to send out acceptance/rejection letters for their MIA programme today!
  12. It is not about your GPA only, as long as your motivation letter is compelling, at CEU you should be fine, I think. I applied to their 2 years IR programme in 2020 and I got rejected (might have been my motivation letter, my grades, or the fact that my BA is 4 years, not 3). Gave it another try this year. I was too late for Hertie and I already had a German option, so I dropped that one. LUISS has been targetting my Facebook for a while now. I did not even bother looking into that. I wanted to apply to SciencesPo so bad, I started the prep the earliest. Last June actually. But in the end I dropped it. Application fee is huge and I was not entirely sure I would get in. Even if I got in, I was not sure about the scholarship. My GPA is 3.6 (out of 4.0), and SciencesPo requires above 3.5 (at least for PSIA programmes). So I stepped down.
  13. Hello everyone! Here's my story from 2020. I was about to graduate from my BA studies, had done an exchange semester and I felt extra motivated for returning to international environment. All I focused was to get admitted to any of MA programmes, I didn't even consider finding a job by that time. However, in hindsight, I gambled - I applied only to three programmes . I was feeling so confident I didn't even have my motivation letters proofread by someone experienced. Again, I applied to two universities (CEU and Tartu), plus one Erasmus Mundus programme. When I got a conditional letter for the Erasmus Mundus programme, I was the happiest. Little did I know it was just a technical stage and it had nothing to do with the scholarship itself. My confidence took the first blow when I was rejected for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. And it caught me by surprise. Just a generic rejection email - "thank you for applying, but the selection was so tough, blah blah…"; This was in late March. April came and the letter from CEU. I was rejected. Not even waitlisted. Straight out rejected. Now I was feeling devastated for sure. Moving on, in the middle of May I got an email. It was from Tartu. I got admitted. No scholarship, though. I was miserable. And job market seemed quite dismal, indeed. But as I graduated in late July, I managed to land a job straight away. And then I got DAAD scholarship. Looking back, it was not so bad after all. What I went through was unbearable at some point. But it got me here. Now I am again waiting for other scholarships (5+ applications this year), even though I already have DAAD secured. I do not check my email that often though. I decided to completely forget it. Unfortunately, not matter how many times you open it up, it is what it is. I come to this forum frequently and check your posts, though. The sense of community makes the wait tolerable. I hope that each and every one of you will accomplish your goals and get into your desired programmes. Even if you don't, it is not the end of the world. These words would get me furious last year, but it is true. Cheers!
  14. Apparently I haven't received the letter of award and thus I do not know when the deadline is. As I am already participating in the language course within the scholarship, I think I have 'technically' accepted the award already.
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