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  1. Yes, they do consider it. I asked before applying.
  2. I got the e-mail telling me there was a message in the portal. Then in the portal there was the result letter.
  3. I actually just got my results, for the architecture scholarship. Didn't get it, but I was placed on a waiting list in case people give up. I don't think people give up very often though, anyone knows of someone who's given up? 😅
  4. I think @phanchris5’s point is that results may be delayed and that is normal. The status will change when there’s new information, till then, all we can do is wait. No-one here can tell you if you’ll get it or not, only DAAD can.
  5. Hey, I’ve also applied to one summer semester programme! The DAAD office in my country told me it is possible, but the winter semester is preferable. Still, I’m a bit worried about that. As my other options are all winter semester, I put the winter semester dates on the application. Covid could also be a problem for April... Does anyone else have any information about winter semesters?
  6. I don’t think you should be worried about that. It does take some time for them to process all the applications... and the deadlines are different for each programme. I’m sure it’ll change to paper copies received at some point. Then they will let you know when will the decision be made.
  7. Hey BeKay, you will probably receive a notification in the portal saying that your application is complete and will be considered in the selection process. That will be in the messages section of the application and funding overview page.
  8. Hey everyone, For those of you who got asked to upload your portfolio in PDF format, did you get any sort of confirmation that they received it? I uploaded it to the DAAD Canto platform and the file showed up on the folder. But there was no green tick or any sort of confirmation... was that the same for everyone?
  9. Hey everyone, I actually just got this same email asking me to upload my portfolio in PDF format. Same deadline, January 6th. Nothing has changed on my DAAD Portal, I still have "Paper copies received" and no new messages there! I'm guessing if you've not received it yet, you will within the next few days!
  10. Hey @Rexsalazar94, I've not received that notification either, I also have "paper copies received". I sent my printed portfolio with my application though, so I didn't expect them to require a digital portfolio. Which country are you applying from?
  11. Hi Monica, when was your application deadline? I received a message from DAAD confirming my application was complete and would be considered. That was about a month after the application deadline. That time probably varies for different countries and programmes. I wouldn’t worry for now, if it says it was delivered, they have it!
  12. I truly hope not. One of the courses I applied to starts in April and we might not have a widely distributed vaccine by then. I expect the situation will be much better by October. So far Germany has been allowing the entry of students who can prove their presence is required. Let's hope that doesn't change!
  13. Hi Sara, The status on mine says Paper copies received. The last notification I received was this: Thank you for sending us your application for the above programme. Your application is complete and will be considered in the selection process. A funding decision will be made at the selection meeting in January 2021 (25.01.2021) on the basis of the submitted documents. We will inform you of the outcome as a rule approximately within three weeks after the meeting in writing. If selection is only made in January, maybe their app
  14. Hi! I actually had the same doubt as you, @Diellza! In my application I wrote down each module and their respective credits and I wrote down the elective courses I'm planning to choose. Filling this out was quite a long process, it took a lot more time than I expected. I'm not sure if that is what they expected though, it would be interesting to know if anyone else has done it differently! Good luck to all of us!!
  15. I figured we should have a forum for 2021-2022, so it's easier for people to find it!
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