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  1. Andrew McClellan (Tufts) - he is a top scholar in this field and has written textbooks on the subject. I believe he went to Courtauld for phD so you may want to see who he studied under there too. Janet Kraynak (Columbia)
  2. Ugh same here, so stressful. I am bummed out that they kept pushing the start of selections, I applied 4 months ago... hoping for the best but am currently dispossessed.
  3. I too am hoping to get a refresher for Euro art history this summer. I. started by reading over an old AH1/11 textbook to refamiliarize myself with the canon and am planning on reading Edward Said's Orientalism and maybe flipping through some old articles from my undergrad AH classes. Let me know if you have any recs! I am also hoping to work on my foreign language skills again. Often prof profiles on school websites list their recent or most notable works, may not hurt to also check those out too.
  4. Hello! Good to know about 7/24! That's what I thought, but in one of their recent emails they said that graduate housing would be "extremely limited" due to a lot of grad students opting to keep their current on-campus housing this year. I also saw that they are doing "reduced capacity" at the dorms so i would think they would be doing the same with grad housing but who knows. I am going to go for it because my rent honestly isn't that much cheaper here and if I want to be able to kind of experience the campus even if it's very minimal. I also heard that apparently some NYC museums are pl
  5. Has anyone heard back from campus housing yet to see if you got approved for grad school housing? I am getting stressed about finding a place since it sounds like spots will be few and far between this year...
  6. I think your profile is very strong. I would focus on a strong statement and use your artistic background to your advantage to stand out of the crowd. Also sometimes giving a refresher to your recommenders on who you are, your goals, your achievements/character can help to make their letters more personalized. Also, I would not get discouraged if you do not get into your top choices this application cycle as who knows how many students will defer this year and take spaces away from new admits. I am also an art major going into art history - it iS possible! Best of luck to you!!!
  7. Hello! I will be attending Columbia MODA in the fall and although it is a major bummer that it won't be exactly the same, I am still excited and hopeful! Main issue is finding housing as we are coming from the West Coast. Hopefully it won't be too hard to try to get to know others in the program and have good class discussions, given mostly online/social distancing! Best of luck to everyone, hang in there and I look forward to seeing everyone this fall!
  8. Totally. My fear personally is that we still won't have a vaccine/cure in 1 yr. and what do I do at that point? I'm just thinking of going for it and hoping for the best.
  9. Congrats on your acceptance! I am in a similar boat but for MA. I have heard from some MA students at other schools that they could defer, but that they may not receive the same funding offer. I feel like for phD you may want to start sooner rather than later especially since you will have many years there to take advantage of all the resources the university has to offer to your research and connecting with faculty, etc. The reason i am undecided about doing online courses for MA program is I wanted to be able to experience the campus and the libraries and it is a short program. Just somethin
  10. So glad to hear! Yes I kept hearing these rumors about Columbia being a cash cow and getting no attention from profs, but after speaking with several current/recent students in the program this doesn't seem to be true at all! I have chosen Columbia and couldn't be happier with my decision, I think it will be a great fit for me!
  11. As I contemplate master programs and my future I will likely do my MA here in the states and go abroad for phD as it is shorter and there are faculty that teach there whose interests align well with my own. However, I noticed that phD programs there are typically about 22k pounds per year and that students are usually only given 5-10k in funding. I also imagine that many native students are getting grants from the UK, but that would of course not apply to me. Anyone know of good resources/ways to get funding and stipend for a phD abroad that is actually attainable? Obviously couldn't go 200k i
  12. I am wondering about schools with a good art history phD program that have any faculty that specialize in fashion history/textiles/history of dress as this is something I am interested in potentially focusing on for my dissertation one day. I know Courtauld is good, but any programs in the US? In NYC? (not MA but schools that offer a phD in art hist)
  13. i need to pass DALF B2 level (French) let me know if anyone has any good prep resources. Currently doing Duolingo subscription and trying to read articles in French and watch French TV but obviously that won't be enough
  14. I hear from profs and people in the field that both Columbia and Courtauld are equally respected MA programs. Courtauld would be cheaper/faster but I have never been to London or the UK and the beautiful building/campus/museum is closed for the next year due to construction so classes are being held in this super grungy depressing looking building and all the art in their collection has been scattered around the city to different institutions. Sounds like you get a lot of 1 on 1 time with your professor but you really only have one or two profs since you are assigned to a very specific course
  15. SAIC is super conceptual and the students/profs can be extremely pretentious since it is an art school. BUT great facilities and city and nice to be tied to the museum, good film center. I would seriously consider if your goals/interests align with the profs there before saying yes. Congrats on all your acceptances!
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