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  1. I would be interested if it were on Android. iOS is too limiting and you can't assume every art related person is using an iPhone.
  2. Honestly I don't think that Yale Ph.D. track in art history will be open for at least 2-4 years because of how much COVID-19 will have impacted. I find it ironic that more people are applying to art history in a time when the job market is shrinking and museums are facing challenges. Perhaps China will be the future of contemporary art so ideally it would be a good idea to move over to do curation and museum jobs.
  3. Well someone had to do it. (I am not applying this year but felt that it's about time when folks are starting to apply for next year's programs.) Here it goes!
  4. One of our alumni is heading there for her MFA this year. https://www.art.utah.edu/catching-up-with-alyssa-hood/
  5. I am finishing up my art residency at SVA and I have 2 years before I apply for MFA's. I would say that a chunk of my art is overtly political.
  6. Wow... thank goodness I am going into visual arts because I just would be in T-shirts and Crocs honestly if I were teaching. I don't like hierarchy whatsoever.
  7. Why do I feel that post-structuralist approaches have fallen out of favor? I am a huge fan of Deleuze and it's because of New Formalism coming back that I decided to switch to visual art instead of English literature Ph.D. track.
  8. Non-disclosure can lead to revocation of degree and credits if found out.
  9. Such a list would be moot because there are so many different periods of art history. Each university specializes in certain periods. I know contemporary art pretty decently but that's all I could help you with if you wish.
  10. Which program is it btw?
  11. To be honest, it will be quite a few years before any type of vaccine will exist which is safe for humans.
  12. Nothing really. One of the artists who lives around me is just going to be attending Yale program this fall just as usual. I guess just wear a mask and do the social distancing type of thing.
  13. Recently Columbia had some issues with faculty going on leave for 1-2 years and students there wanted a tuition refund. Recently the program is trying to make sure that most of the faculty stay on campus and there is less turnover. However, I think those are attending there would be the best folks to discuss this in better detail than I could.
  14. I am a returning student finishing up 3 more years of my BFA before going to a MFA program. At this point, I would be full steam ahead because the country is in flux. Plus it's a great and inspirational time to be making lots of art. So yes!...
  15. Columbia is in a huge transition period and honestly at this point, I would not be very expectant of funding for students easily. My friend who just finished there said it's a good program but I would apply for external scholarships mostly for it.
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