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  1. Absolutely horrid. And now after the Nashville bombing downtown I will dis-recommend even going into the city in today's environment with the increasing number of alt-right folks and militia groups.
  2. Typically it's March-ish but I don't know with the new COVID era protocol when it would be nowadays. Probably the same?
  3. Good luck! I can't wait to hear any results from this year's round.
  4. That's interesting. I know that a lot of the top tier schools don't really do that as they get so many applications. In fact basically they just project the images on a huge screen and go through them one by one. So websites being looked at would be an exception and not the norm.
  5. Linking a website doesn't matter. The committee doesn't bother with that during decision making. They have too many applicants to look over.
  6. Hunter is also pretty diverse. They have a large pool of folks so they can have a large number of categories to engage with. http://www.huntermfastudio.org/students
  7. You're welcome and good luck w/ your apps!
  8. Yes if they don't say anything, that is.
  9. I can look over your portfolio if you wish to e-mail me regarding this :). Hope that helps.
  10. Thanks and yes I enjoy being busy... also I managed to start a new gallery here in downtown SLC so exciting times!
  11. I am not a post-undergrad but I have made a ton of connections via my SVA online residency which I did last summer. I also applied for this upcoming semester as well. I am a full-time student with no job and right now I am running a new art gallery while going to school and maintaining a steady practice.
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