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  1. I just took a random look at a huge gallery to see what they did and here is an example: https://www.pacegallery.com/exhibitions/robert-longo/ Looks like that they crop down to the edges of the work (here it's works on paper specifically).
  2. I have a friend who attended the MFA program at PAFA and he enjoyed it for what it was. He has done pretty well in the Philadelphia area. (I used to live there a long time ago.)
  3. My huge woohoo is Calarts. VIsited the campus this summer and wow. It's my vibe! Open ended to the max. Critical theory heavy. That's all I need.
  4. I would crop down to the image of the painting itself unless the painting has sculpture elements. Just my guess here.
  5. Agreed here. Portfolio is going to be the primary aspect.
  6. Which Bard program? We have the regular Bard one and then there is the ICP-Bard one for photography out in the Big Apple.
  7. Indeed the best advice is to tailor each application separately for the school you are applying for and not to use a predetermined mold for each application. After all, the committee wants to know that you are engaged specifically with their program and not a generic applicant.
  8. I agree! Curating for a small commercial gallery here in downtown Salt Lake City has been a great way to make more friends in the art world and navigate some good adventures.
  9. I do a ton of curation and those really help out in the MFA process. I would think.
  10. Sweet and I wish you the very best in your search :). Should be quite a fun year now that hopefully folks are vaccinated and we are looking at a new environs.
  11. Definitely doing well and yes still applying in the fall of next year. Super excited as one of my friends enters Yale sculpture this fall. And how about you? Did you select a place finally?
  12. And it's never too early to start working on getting things ready for another round of upcoming MFA applications...
  13. As a neo-Marxist the American dream for me died when the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act during the 1980's. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass–Steagall_legislation) THis allowed for a completely unregulated financial system which increased the corruption throughout the system. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aftermath_of_the_repeal_of_the_Glass–Steagall_Act) Granted this isn't the proper forum to delve heavily into this but also I would argue that the invention of the financial derivative was the death knell of the American dream. Once everything could be commodified then everything cou
  14. Thanks for the clarification. I am not a fan of the benchmarks but as these metrics tend to be a huge factor in personal decisionmaking they cannot be ignored.
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