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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I am not a fan of the benchmarks but as these metrics tend to be a huge factor in personal decisionmaking they cannot be ignored.
  2. Aye. Grats on the Columbia acceptance btw!
  3. 🙂 Not sure but these Chinese ranking seems to focus on the undergraduate level I think?
  4. To dig the most obscure (j/k) possible rankings for art schools, let's look at a Chinese ranking system here: https://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/university-subject-rankings/2021/art-design
  5. Sadly enough I couldn't find any.
  6. https://news.artnet.com/art-world/new-york-galleries-study-979049
  7. I agree. I am pretty unsure what to make of a name entitled "MFA Troll." This isn't a Duchampian gesture either LoL
  8. I am so OVERJOYED to see you back here and my prayers that you are healthy and strong to continue making more work. I appreciate the update. My only eh... news is that I got featured in a LA media outlet this week and working on hammering out a museum proposal while starting my first paintings ever
  9. I think it's up to you whether you wish to connect with the Boston or the Richmond/Wash/Baltimore art scenes after you graduate... Both have lovely programs! Good luck
  10. Thanks for the update. WIth all of the drama, I am curious how Columbia is holding up in the top ranked MFA programs during the past 5 years. Something has to be cooking there? Maybe the rankings will change by next round so we could see a huge shift soon.
  11. I know someone who is at Pratt right now for painting and she seems to be rather happy. About curators I really don't know.
  12. My close friend is a SVA BFA alumni. I have taken enough classes at SVA (and I plan to take more there) so I know what a graduate level critique could be like. So I know a nice chunk of SVA professors there... I can try to find a MFA graduate there for you.
  13. That's quite a wonderful program and dependent on whether you like the faculty. If you think Bard fits your concepts well then go for it!
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