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  1. What did the mail for the second interview say? Did they state a reason for the interview?
  2. No shit. I'm POC too. I'm well aware of what I'm talking about. If you see through my further posts, you'll find I've rectified my mistake in terms of adressing Meleko's works No need to be butthurt 😕
  3. Yeah. I interviewed with Anthony Aziz, Sharmishtha Ray, Andrea Geyer and Lydia Matthew. For the second interview I'll be interviewing with them all again. Are you in it too?
  4. You shouldn't worry. I think it should be different for different departments
  5. Yeah. Have you applied for fine arts?
  6. Just got a mail from Parsons Fine Arts for a second interview with the program director!!!
  7. RCA sent me a mail saying they'll let us know on 24th March
  8. Also, have you heard anything about Robert Storr? I'm a little disappointed I didn't get a chance to study under him. But then again, is he as good as I think he is?
  9. Sorry. Not BLM but a little close. He explores colonialism in Africa
  10. So this was my second time applying and I'll tell you what all things I did different but idk if that's gonna help you a lot since the first time I applied, I made some pretty obvious and glaring mistakes that shouldn't have been made in the first place. Firstly, I had only applied to a few UK schools last year and since they don't ask for recommendation letters themselves from our recommenders, we had to upload them ourselves. Ik. Weird. Anyway, I was so so stupid that I uploaded the recommendation letter on a plain paper and not on an official letterhead. Also, my SOP was very average a
  11. Well I don't think they'd have sent out financial aid letters as of now anyway because I'm assuming they've only sent out a few acceptance letters yet. This is my guess though
  12. Please let me know if you hear something and you can send me a private message too if you don't wanna share it here. Also, when did you get this offer from SVA? It is afterall a little weird that we're already getting offers especially since they mentioned clearly that they'll be sending them out by 1st April
  13. Well that's what my plan was and although SVA says that the deadline to accept the place is 15th April, they also say that my position is subject to availability and that they can't be sure when the class fills up. This has gotten me a little nervous, considering that all the other colleges will be sending acceptance letters only after mid-March, which is a month from now and that I can't count on SVA if "the program fills up" I'm left behind
  14. So I have a question and I'm very desperate- any answers regarding this will be appreciated. I have received an acceptance letter from SVA Fine Arts however theres been no mention of financial aid from their side. I've been told to secure my place in the program by paying 1000 USD and to do it asap as "There is no way for them to predict when a program will close." I have tried asking the SVA Admissions about details of financial aid and they said that 'Scholarships are awarded upon acceptance' (But aren't I already accepted?) However they're also insinuating that I must pay the 1000
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