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  1. As a major lurker this time last year, I am surprised that there hasn't been much conversation on re: Fall 2021 applicants. Obviously, a lot has changed since then. Are folks not applying because so many programs have suspended admission this cycle? Thoughts?
  2. Congrats on your acceptances and decisions -- where did you end up deciding?
  3. Can you share the program, or message me? I am exceedingly nervous about how this all will affect finances
  4. Super disappointing! I am in another field, but my current top choice program just cancelled their visiting days as well. I was especially hoping to get a sense of the location and the community. Does anyone have advice about how this development might change the sorts of questions you're asking, or what you're looking out for in conversations with POI and students or in digital presentations?
  5. I highly recommend reading the article Hiding It from the Kids (With Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel) (1999) by Gerald Graff and Andrew Hoberek (former director & assistant director). While it was admittedly written over twenty years ago, I found it really helpful in informing my thinking about the MAPH program as well as constructing strong statements for this round in general.
  6. Is anyone planning to go to Williams Visiting Days? If so, can you PM me?
  7. Hey all~ Like some who have posted below, I'm having a great deal of difficulty choosing between two writing samples. One is quite polished, and the other is more ambitious which is why I am leaning toward it but less polished. Any advice in choosing would be appreciated, and I'd be glad to do an edit swap at any point! Thanks in advice.
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