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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am just seeing this now for i haven't come on the platform for some time. It was not the only school i applied, i applied to about 5 which i was admitted by 1, waitlisted by another( Notre Dame) and rejected by others. This said school i am talking about is Uni of Notre Dame that waitlisted me(My most preferred). For the POI, I contacted him immediately to show continued interest after asking if i am still interested in the program around May. There was no reply so i sent a reminder 2 days later and still no reply since May. I just emailed the graduate school inquiring of my status and if my application can be considered for Spring, the graduate school replied saying I should contact the Department if they will accept spring application if not they can make my application for fall 2021. Thanks
  2. I was Waitlisted since early April in one of the US schools for fall 2020 and I was told i will hear back on or before April 15th which never came,they were completely silent . In the month of May my POI contacted me citing Pandemic issues and asking if i am still interested in the PhD so that he can schedule a follow-up interview which i accepted but also never came(he failed to get back to me after i confirmed continued interest). Should i still contact him asking for any latest info or do i have any hope at this time ?...Should i ask if Spring admit is feasible since the school grants Spring admit only if a student has a willing supervisor for an RA role...I am an International student
  3. Still silence from the department. I don't know what to make of it anymore
  4. Emailed both GC and DGS since 2 weeks now but no reply from them. Very unsettling, if I am rejected from the waitlist won't that be easy to let me know. The silence is just unsettling and I feel this is already very late for any positive outcome. I know covid might have caused some issues but this is May 15th which is enough time to resolve anything
  5. I was waitlisted on the 9th of April by Notre Dame, PhD EEE Program. It was clearly stated that i will hear from them by April 15th but i haven't had any decision from them. I emailed the DGS and GC last week but no reply. What really is happening ?
  6. I just have to wait and see
  7. That might be a possibility but the silence from GC and DGS can be unsettling. An email can clarify me on the situation but they don't reply at all. Secondly do you have an idea how many were wailtlisted in your case
  8. I would like to enquire. I was also waitlisted in Notre Dame for a PhD in EEE on the 9th of April. I was told I will hear back by April 15th but I haven't heard back from them. I emailed DGS and GC last week but nothing from them. Do you have any idea of what is going on, though I suppose admin issues due to the covid situuation but this seems a little bit too long. I also saw a rejection on the 13th April in my Department on the result page
  9. Notre Dame hasn't said anything since I had an interview early February
  10. Has anyone heard from Notre Dame, EEE program. I had an interview with a professor last month but nothing yet from Notre Dame
  11. Anyone knows when Notre Dame will send their decision on PhD Electrical Engineering. I had an Interview since Feb 04 but nothing yet on Notre Dame and Result of the forum only shows 2 admits around January
  12. Secondly I heard University of Southern California (USC) sent admits some weeks ago. I haven't heard from them also. When i inquired i was told decision are made until April and there are no wait-list...How true is this?...Have i been rejected?
  13. I haven't heard both from UC Boulder and Notre Dame though i was interviewed by a willing supervisor in Notre Dame on the 4th of February. Anyone has any Info when decisions will be made??...I am PhD Electrical Engineering
  14. Any info on Notre Dame. Interviewed on the 4th Feb but nothing yet
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