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  1. Hello, I am preparing for my PhD applications which are due this December. I have a question about getting published in academic journals, is this necessary for a PhD application in the humanities? My applications are for programs in Film and Media Studies and Art History. Does published art criticism count as a publication for this field? After my first year in my Master's program, I do not feel like my essays or research are up to standard to be published in an academic journal. However, I will still try to be published. I know that for sciences, you need to be published, but what about the fields I am interested in?
  2. I honestly cannot imagine doing anything else. I had a poor experience with education before college. My state was ranked 50th in the US for educational quality. I was bored, unchallenged, disaffected, and generally did not care at all about school. In my senior year of college, I had professor who received a PhD in a field I didn't know existed. His class exposed me to a form of critical inquiry that catered to how I like to think. Furthermore, scholarship has enriched areas of my life, culture, and identity. It's lead me towards self-fulfillment I cannot find anywhere else. Ever since I knew a PhD was possible, I have not second guessed this pursuit.
  3. I just finished my first semester of graduate school at an Ivy League university. I feel a constant sense of inadequacy, especially because I come from a more unusual academic background than my Master's major. Anyway -- wish I could offer some sort of encouragement or insight, but I am in this perpetual cycle of inadequate feelings. Regardless, this has taught me a lot about mental resilience and to make-up for any weaknesses or bumps in the road. I'm trying to learn from this experience, but I am interested in anyone else's insight. Thanks for the posts!
  4. Hi, I just finished my first semester of graduate school at an ivy league research institution. I am in an MA program and plan to apply to PhD programs. However, I received a B in one of my graduate programs and I am nervous that I will not be accepted into the PhD programs I like. I know that I should strive to achieve a 4.0 next semester, but I am wondering how adcoms view a B in your first semester of graduate school? Is there any other advice you have to recover from the grade? (On another note: I think my mental health went down the drain during finals because I was so fixated on getting good grades, I think I might have self-sabotaged?)
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