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  1. I noticed this too, but I am taking it anyway as I don't want to miss my chance of testing in the comfort of my home.
  2. Hey Everyone, I am new to this academic game and publishing. I am currently a Master's student and I would like to get something published (Ideally, just a book review). However, I do not know where to start? Or how to get accepted because I currently have zero publications. Is this fine? Do I still submit my papers? Furthermore, I am interested in writing book reviews for a few publications, but once again, I don't have any real writing out there as of yet. How do I get started and what is the proper etiquette for reaching out to write book reviews (do I need to have a writing sample on hand?)? (Apologies for the 20 questions, I would appreciate any feedback or insight!)
  3. Given the current circumstances incited by COVID and the George Floyd protests, I am just happy to have passed all of my classes. (There was a mandatory pass/fail). My dissertation advisor has been really attentive to my proposed topic, which actually feels amazing. Unlike a distant advisor, I think my dissertation advisor is really enthusiastic about guiding my research -- and I have heard she is usually MIA and hard to reach. So, I am not going to lie this makes me feel good! I'm also just happy to have turn in each of my assignments at a more reasonable time. For me, I am trying to focus on the daily small victories that really count.
  4. I don't know how to specifically answer your question, but I also received my BFA and applied to Master's programs. I went to an arts school, not even a regular college. In my experience, having a BFA was not really an issue for me, I even got into Duke's business school (granted I had a more marketable degree like Graphic Design). I think you should be totally fine and it seems like you have a very strong purpose for pursuing a Master's in Divinity. I'm sure in your application you can explain your 3.54 gpa. The time constraints of graduating in three years seems like a very understandable reason. Overall, just have some backups and safety schools. I go to an Ivy League for a Master's, and I personally did not think it was that difficult to get in. I felt like I was accepted for very holistic purposes and I do think many Master's programs actually like unconventional backgrounds and perspectives, although I am not sure if Divinity School would be different.
  5. Hey, I have a question, and I know this is so long ago. But can anyone elaborate or add some commentary. On what grounds would someone fail their Master's dissertation?
  6. I talked to my dissertation advisor on this and she said that you really need to find your niche and know what you want to study when you apply. Basically, you have to have a game plan and convince the school that you are a good research fit for them. From what I understand, and someone please correct me if I am wrong, but you need to explain what aspects of the program will benefit and be necessary for your research. If you wanted to explore broader topics, and then hone in on your specific research, then I recommend pursuing a Master's first, if that's possible. The way I think of it is this, this is your professional degree and the school's are giving you money to fund you. You're doing work for them and you need to convince them that you will produce appropriate and meaningful scholarship. For example, at each school you're applying to, which scholar would you want to work with and advise your thesis?
  7. This might be tangentially related to your question. I’m not sure which specific ones, but I know someone who works in consulting for higher education, and they basically said that a lot of colleges are not going to survive and be able to operate after the pandemic...(but I am pretty sure they implied that major universities will survive...I think they just meant small colleges that didn’t have a lot of “business” in the first place.)
  8. I still get nausea whenever I think about my professor who hit on me during undergrad while he had a girlfriend who is now his wife. I was in a position where I had no one else write me an LOR and couldn't think of anyone else so I had to ask this professor. He sent me an e-mail that I feel is inappropriate, but as a POC female, I have been gaslit so much in the past, that I question whether or not this e-mail is inappropriate. He is a disgusting creep. He kept tabs on me ever since I graduated and after he lied and manipulated me in the e-mail. What disgusts me is that I know he was trying to manipulate me and it disgusts me that I let him get away with the manipulation. I felt so infantilized. Like do you really think I am that stupid and that I cannot see through your actions and behaviors? He treated me like an "oriental object." He is a white male that takes no accountability. It was so disgusting and racist. I'm scared because I have been gaslit so many times as well when it comes to being sexually harassed based on my race. My school does not take Title IX or racism seriously and I do not trust them to believe or support me when I report it.
  9. This is what my humanities ma is like (I also took an anthropology course): there are no exams, just final essays about 15-20 pages per class then a presentation then each week I have to write a sort of mini essay or response to the Readings — maybe 150 dense pages each week total. It’s a ton of work.
  10. I am so sorry that such a horrible thing happened to you.
  11. Like I am so obsessive with research and writing that I don’t know if it’s healthy because “nothing is ever good enough.” There is no standard. I also can’t stop working...like I physically feel guilt if I take a day or a night off from my projects.
  12. I am doing my master’s at the number one program for my field of study. All of my profs got their phd’s from Yale or Duke literature etc. I am at one of the most prestigious research institutions in the world. Yet I have crazy imposter syndrome right now that is getting out of hand. I have irrational fears that I will not be employed or accepted to a PhD program because I got a 3.55 gpa my first semester because it is below what I would normally receive. People tell me I’m one of the smartest students/people and get constant appreciation from my professor’s but even that validation is meaningless because I feel like my brain is being hijacked by imposter syndrome. I try so hard to stay on top of things, but and have sat at my desk for hours trying to write this essay on an artist I truly don’t even know if I care about. I’m seriously considering law school at this point because I have such a toxic/self destructive relationship to research and writing and it is absolutely obsessive.
  13. I feel the same. I literally came to this thread to vent about similar or commensurate feelings. I have so much overloaded but I feel like quarantine or pandemic has also desensitized me. I don’t feel normal. This summer I have a research assistantship, study for the GRE, prepare for grad school apps, apply for conferences and get published, research for my dissertation and more. I asked for an essay extension and I still have to finish this essay but something is inhibiting me and I think it either relates to the pandemic or a mental health issue which I have not encountered before. My imposter syndrome is getting out of control where I feel like I will not be able to accomplish or attain the things that I need for my PhD applications. i feel like something has hijacked my mind/brain and I am trying so hard to stay productive and study every single day but I feel like I am never doing enough. I have written ten page essays in a single day before, and I can barely put down 1000 words in a day... I am also seriously questioning whether or not a phd is something I should even do because at this point I have an entirely self destructive relationship to research and writing that I don’t know is resultant of quarantine. i try extremely hard to keep in touch with friends and people but i can’t stand not even being able to access my school or the library.
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