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  1. Hey! I hope this helps. I ended up doing some research and got an E-Reader called the Onyx Boox Note Air, which runs on a limited version of Android 10. However, it's great for reading PDF's and taking notes on the actual device and the transferring process is relatively easy. I am also in the humanities and it's been wonderful thus far. I cannot speak about the longevity of it, but I enjoy using it.
  2. Hey! I am not an expert in this, but I do know a lot of schools have Women's & Gender Studies certificates. At my school, the Women's and Gender studies program is facilitated by the English department. So I am wondering if a lot of Women's & Gender studies are funneled into different programs. For one of my prof's, he has a Women's and Gender's studies discipline, but his PhD is in Rhetoric. I would also just maybe look at a scholar who you want to work with to advise you and see which department they're in. But with your research interests, it sound a bit like Media and Communi
  3. Hi everyone. I notice a lot of PhD students in my field start publishing film reviews or longer form of film analysis/criticism in non-academic journals. I was wondering -- how necessary is that kind of work, if at all, for someone's academic and publishing career? Does it reflect well in job applications? I personally realize that I do not like writing brief film reviews, but I do like long-form criticism, and want to start publishing more of that, while balancing my academic work. But since I see quite a few people writing these shorter reviews, are these types of publicati
  4. Hi everyone, I am currently in a PhD program and have recently switched to Apple's Mac OS. I am also facing the conundrum regarding my reading materials. Context: I currently have a Kindle, which I got because it was easier on my eyes to read instead of on a computer screen. The Problem: All of my professors now send me PDF's. For the past week I have been converting these PDF's to Kindle format, which results in abrupt changes in text size, sometimes the images do not transfer or the text cannot convert to PDF, etc. Moreover, all of the notes are on Kindle, so I cannot c
  5. I concur with pretty much everyone's responses that have commented on this. Deciding to pursue a PhD is not a light issue. And if you intend to get a job in academia, you should know that may not be necessarily possible. On that note, some people pursue PhD's in Film and Media studies and may have other career options in mind. A person from my Master's program is doing their PhD at a "top program," which also gives them the resources to work on their own films and publish their own film criticism. They are not necessarily in interested in becoming a tenured professor, but instead want to get p
  6. Honestly, good job everyone waitlisted and accepted. This year was exceedingly tough for our field. UChicago, UCLA, NYU, Brown MCM, Harvard FVS, some of Yale, plus other related humanities programs closed their doors this year. I am positive I am forgetting some schools. This year was not an easy application cycle, at all!
  7. Hey ya'll I just got my rejection from Brown (Not surprised!) Does anyone know when Iowa will send their rejection letters? I want to make sure I am deprived of any glimmer of hope so I can confirm my enrollment for another graduate program. Lol.
  8. I just got an e-mail from NYU that said they suspended PhD admissions for Cinema Studies.
  9. I would recommend you apply for both PhD and MA programs. It is indeed possible for an undergrad to be accepted by a PhD program. I just talked with a friend and they said that in their program, a highly competitive one, she was one of the few people with a Master's degree. Most of the other students came straight from undergrad. That being said, my other friends pursuing film studies were rejected from every PhD program without a Master's. You can't go wrong with a Master's degree. It will make you more competitive and show your commitment to pursuing scholarship, strengthen your
  10. I also just got rejected from Cornell. I am not surprised, as when I wrote the statement of purpose, I had a hard time figuring out why I wanted to go to that school specifically. The only MFA programs I applied to are Cornell, Brown, and Iowa, so I would be pretty surprised if I got any acceptance, haha! Seems like getting a fully funded MFA is a distant fantasy.
  11. Also, if it makes anyone feel any better, one Professor from PhD admissions said they had 100 more applications than they did in previous years. Therefore, this year was indeed more difficult for admissions.
  12. I am actually counting my blessings bc I got an offer from USC. So that is definitely a really good choice. Even though I knew it was a longshot, I was just slightly heartbroken I did not get into Duke or Berkeley. My research interests are in Chinese cinema, and I am hoping to do more research related to technology and theory next year. And yes, it seems like this year is extra competitive. Since many good schools have closed their application cycle, more people have either probably applied to the available options or opting to wait it out until next year (so I assume that next year wil
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