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  1. I'm happy to answer. It varied from school to school. Some schools were looking for personal essays AND a statement of purpose. Others were just looking for a statement. In that case, I truncated my personal essay and talked about why my (personal/life) experience sets me apart and how that will inform my research as well as my relationships with colleagues and students alike down the road. I'm a a queer POC and I think that academia is severely lacking in representation. I also talked about my speciality in cinema, past research and my graduate degree work in the media industry. I hope this h
  2. Congratulations! Amazing. Wishing you the best of luck and maybe we'll interact with one another in the future!
  3. Thank you! I'm happy to share. Information like this is useful. To be quite frank I'm not sure how much weight my GRE scores held. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a requirement for UW, so for schools without that requirement, I submitted it anyway. Verbal Reasoning: 150 Quantitative Reasoning: 140 Analytical Writing: 4.5 I had four recommendations. Two were from college professors, one was from my graduate school professor and one was for a professor I worked with as an adjunct lecturer. I researched and wrote an entirely new writing sample and I worked closely with thre
  4. Officially received my letter of acceptance to University of Washington on Monday. I am thrilled!
  5. I was not rewarded. However the feedback I received from the three reviewers was very good, so I am pleased. I will try again next year! Congratulations to everyone who was rewarded!
  6. No word on how many are on the waitlist. To be honest I have no idea how many people universities traditionally put on a waitlist, let alone in the midst of a pandemic. I spoke with my recommenders to understand my chances in being accepted and the overall influx of applications to universities, scholarships and fellowships. This year is overwhelmingly competitive.
  7. I received word yesterday that I’ve been waitlisted at UW. Not what I was expecting, but I hope I still have a shot here.
  8. Yes, I can understand your perspective. I am disappointed that they waited so long. UCLA let us know before applications were even open that they would not be accepting applicants this year. However, a lot of folks experienced hardships in 2020. Between personal health and deaths within families, I do appreciate that NYU is standing behind their current students and giving them an additional year to get back on track with their research. No one could have foreseen what was going to happen and I truly believe this is circumstantial. We have never experienced a global pandemic at this scale in o
  9. Received the same email. That’s a shame but I can understand why they’ve made that decision.
  10. Another Monday, a new week. We are getting closer to mid-March. Hopefully we'll all start to hear back soon. Happy Monday!
  11. Yes, I did interview with UW. The questions were very personal as they pertained to my decision to study one thing over another. I imagine the questions changed depending on who they were interviewing. They stressed that this was an informal interview, so it felt more like a casual conversation. What I can say is that decisions go out this month, but they did not specify when. It all depends on when they get through interviews. I hope it’s this week but who knows!
  12. Happy Monday and March everyone! It seems with COVID, many schools are taking a bit longer than usual. I'm wishing the best for us all. Hopefully we all get some good news this week! Best of luck
  13. Do you all think it's safe to assume Yale and NYU will inform us in March?
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