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  1. Happy Monday and March everyone! It seems with COVID, many schools are taking a bit longer than usual. I'm wishing the best for us all. Hopefully we all get some good news this week! Best of luck
  2. It looks like UW is working their way through interviews over the next few weeks and decisions will go out in March. They didn't specify when exactly.
  3. @Kim2016I didn't receive an email like that, but I will let you all know if they provide me the same timeline in the interview.
  4. @TTFilmMedia They gave me a few time slots to select from so I imagine they sent out requests to others. My research area is in queer cinema, women, gender & sexuality and psychoanalysis. @Kim2016It is a short informal interview.
  5. I was also rejected from UC Berkeley, not surprised. But I do have an interview with UW! They reached out to me yesterday.
  6. I applied and haven't heard anything yet. It looks like historically they are rolled out in March, but who knows given COVID.
  7. That's a relief. And great news for you! I haven't seen any movement within comp lit so I'm taking that as no news is good news.
  8. I have and I believe there was someone else in this thread that applied too. Good luck to you!
  9. Amazing, congratulations! Do you have a preference for a program based on your research interests?
  10. Congrats! So it sounds like an informal interview just to get to know you a bit more regardless of your acceptance. That's so exciting. What other programs did you apply/get accepted to if you don't mind me asking? Berkeley is a dream for me. I'm still holding out hope!
  11. From what I saw on the results page, someone had mentioned that PhD applicants will hear back in March.
  12. I see, thank you for sharing. I was also concerned about limitations due to COVID, but we're all working through it. I applied to American universities exclusively. I'm married and I had to be mindful of my wife's career too. My interests are in psychoanalysis and queer theory. I've done a lot of work with Freud and recently I have spent time researching Winnicott, who focuses on infancy and early childhood. I'm particularly interested in queer family representation and finding a way to queer Winnicott's theory to fit modern families.
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