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  1. Very true! Thanks for sharing this reminder. But I do wish more had won the thing. Like @anxiousgrad, I am anxious that even the Honorable Mentions came from places like Yale! Haha.
  2. @ebp As someone in an interdisciplinary field, I am also hesitant to get my hopes up. I can’t recall when they last awarded a Predoctoral to an interdisciplinary field, and I think I can probably count on one hand how many times they have done so... ever. Nevertheless, I am keeping my fingers crossed. I also noticed that the website specified that awards should be announced by the end of March. So, there’s that.
  3. Fingers crossed for everyone. Worrying feels premature, and yet....
  4. Hello out there! I figured I might as well get the ball rolling on this—has anyone else applied for the Ford? I applied for the predoctoral fellowship (currently a first-year PhD student), and no longer have any fingernails to speak of.
  5. I've bitten all my nails off in anticipation. 😑
  6. Alas, I was not accepted either. I emailed and received a polite rejection in response to my inquiry. Best of luck to everyone else!
  7. Interesting. So, your application status page looks the same? Or the email told you to check the app site for an update? I hesitate to contact Stanford just to get rejected. Made that mistake with Berkeley.
  8. Hey, how were you all notified by Stanford (MTL)? The status of my application page still just says "submitted," and I haven't received any email.
  9. Nice! Thanks for the update! UCSD's app deadline was so late, I'm sort of surprised that we might hear from them before UCR! I'm waiting to hear from Stanford also, and their deadline was about a month before UCSD. There's no making sense of these things, I guess. Maybe UCSD and UCR are sending out financial package details along with admissions decisions, and that's what has caused the delay? I was offered admission at UCI a couple of weeks ago, but still have not received a written, official financial package yet! I was told by a POI at UCLA that, at this point, all UCs are sort of scra
  10. Also, maybe Berkeley rejected me because I typed too quickly above and dropped an E? 🤣
  11. Still keeping me fingers crossed for us! In this case, no news is better than bad news, right? I mean, even if offers have been made, we could be on a short list of alternates if we've yet to get rejections from these programs! 🙂
  12. @CaliAcademic @lkaitlyn I was informed today (unofficially) that I was not admitted into UCLA's Gender Studies program. I was told that six people were admitted, two of which are international students. So, do with that what you will. Best of luck to you all!
  13. No word from UCR or UCSD yet! Berkely was a no, but I have one acceptance elsewhere (diff program), so I'm a little less stressed. Haha. You?
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