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  1. I'm a Spanish grad student at Georgetown, although I am from the literature track. The faculty are awesome and the grad students are even better. If you go to the department's section "People" and you find a grad student whose research interests match yours, I can try to put you in touch with them (so that you can ask them questions about the program from a grad student's perspective).
  2. Hi all! You want to check with every school that they are taking students this cycle. Some will not tell you they are not but still accept the application. At my department, we have heard some rumors of several schools that won't be accepting this cycle as they want to use those funds to extend the program for those students who are in their sixth year but won't be able to find a job once they graduate in May. Good luck!
  3. I have no idea whether they have done interviews. Do they usually do?
  4. I contacted USCB and they said they are still deliberating, so there's no official decisions yet. How come someone posted a rejection and one acceptance?
  5. They are. I have met with students and the chair of one of the departments I have been accepted to, and they have confirmed that the stipend is taxed.
  6. I saw that someone received a rejection from UCSB? I haven't been notified yet.
  7. I feel like everyone is expecting the rejection. According to recent years, they should be notifying this week. Good luck!
  8. They don't. One of the department's professors told me so.
  9. My friend's been wondering about UCSB too. We know they tend to send acceptances toward the end of January.
  10. Is there a chance a candidate could be accepted without interview? My friend didn't get an interview invitation and she is already given up on NYU.
  11. Yes, I am! Both Thursday and Friday. Are you?
  12. I was accepted to Georgetown! My top choice!
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