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  1. Hi, I am also a fan of Cornell and Columbia. But I am curious about what problems make you nervous? Thank you!
  2. Congratulations!!! That's a big wow!
  3. Not yet. I am considering writing to them next week to check what's going on.
  4. Hi María, I got interviewed by NYU, but then there's no further news. I saw people already reported offer. So I assume a rejection. I am planning to write to the program director this week to see if they keep a waiting list or something, so that I can make my decision with other offers.
  5. That's a good question. In addition to those concerns already mentioned above, I am wondering how you guys think about big cities vs small towns. 🙃 Some of friends would like to do a Ph.D. in New York City, where people enjoy more cultural resources, and dynamic life. Others prefer small towns, where living expenses are less stressful. Personally, I am a little bit more inclined towards big city, but living in small places will definitely make me more concentrated on the studies. I am curious about your opinions. Any idea?
  6. I only had one interview with the Admission Committee. But a friend (from another department at Columbia) told me today that LAIC sent out 5 offers this year. I don't think they keep a wait-list thing. So I am assuming a rejection. But I still hope to receive the notification asap - whatever it turns out to be - so that I can make my decision.
  7. Hi, I am also curious about the offer, and rejections as well. I read that two people reported rejections, one via website and the other via email. That made me confused, because my portal still says nothing about update of status.
  8. It would also be greatly appreciated if anyone can share any news on Columbia.
  9. Hi guys. I saw someone posted on being accepted to NYU. Congratulations! If you happen to see my post, would you mind sharing more details? Do you receive the offer from DGS or someone else? I was interviewed, and anxious to know the result. Thank you!
  10. Hi, I withdraw my application actually, as I decided to take another offer. I suppose you can write to the chair to check what's going on. Good luck!
  11. Hi, I applied to NYU and had an interview this past Wednesday with two members of the admission committee. They said they would make decision in the next two weeks.
  12. Glad to see more good news are coming in here! Congrats!!! I was interviewed by Columbia last Friday. Would appreciate that anyone could share if there's any further news. Pray for all!
  13. Cool, then enjoy your trip! I would love to! But unfortunately, I don't think I can catch up with the official campus visit week as a Chinese national (and I currently live in China), as it has been declared that "foreign nationals who have traveled to China in the last two weeks are temporarily banned from entering the US" in view of the spread of new coronavirus. I will check if there is any opportunity that I can travel later when the health situation gets better.
  14. Hi, congratulations! I was accepted to Cornell as well. Do you plan for the campus visit?
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