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  1. I personally hold Brown in a high regard, as well as Princeton (as long as you are not a Caribbeanist). I would avoid Yale at all cost, even if that was the only one that accepted me. As for Harvard, I am not too crazy about the program but you have to admit that the name carries a lot of weight and prestige. In this dynamic between Oxford vs X-Ivy, I would definitely choose Brown (always), seriously consider Princeton, Harvard and Oxford for me are pretty equal. Yale is a NO for me. Seriously, that department has a lot of problem and simply switching some professors around but keeping them is
  2. It really depends on the Ivy for sure. But I think that I would always choose the fully funded PhD. It also depends on your career plans and where you can achieve them.
  3. Seems like the three of us are seriously considering UVA. I really like their program and although I got a slightly better offer elsewhere, it is still very much at the top of my list. I have to admit, however, that I am slightly jealous of the Cornell admit, coffeeortea, I regret not applying but I made the decision to only apply to 5 places and Cornell was #6 on my list, but their program is great.
  4. How is everyone doing with the decision making? I have to choose between three programs, all which have pros and cons and I am struggling with it. What are some things you guys are considering in your decision making process?
  5. Yes! They had already invited me. I am super excited to visit and get a general feel of the program since I have three amazing options.
  6. Officially off the waitlist at UVA, super excited!
  7. All the way from Lima?!?! That is awesome. Sorry to hear about Emory though. I don't have too much time to dwell on it really, I am preparing for MA exams on Friday. I hope that you are getting other amazing offers!
  8. I hope things went well at Princeton. Their campus is beautiful! As someone who lived in NJ, I am quite familiar with it. One of my best friends went there for undergrad (he was the smart one, I'm the fun one).
  9. Just got the official rejection from Emory today... sucks. However, I got invited to attend the recruitment event at UVA the first week of March. Anyone else going? DO you have more information? All I was told was that everything would be covered but nothing else. When I visited my current institution they sent me a full schedule with the invitation.
  10. SlyManuel

    Bloomington, IN

    Absolutely! There's a lot of places like that here. I lived in Sunflower apartments my first year for 575.
  11. SlyManuel

    Bloomington, IN

    It's not as bad as I thought it be. But definitely do not think that you could save money on this stipend. The only way to make it a comfortable one is to find somewhere cheap to live. I am currently on the wait list for an apartment that is 700 but it is a two bedroom so I can find a roommate and only pay 350. That is the only way to be comfortable with the stipend.
  12. Hey, I was accepted at Temple with an amazing funding package (they nominated me for a great fellowship). Super excited.
  13. It was super interesting. They asked me a couple of questions regarding my interests and a possible dissertation project. They provided some feedback (not too in-depth), then spent the rest of the time telling me about the merits of the program and the changes they are making for next year. They told me that they had just hired a new professor whose interests greatly aligned with my own.
  14. Did anyone apply to NYU and has heard from them?
  15. Don't give up. This whole process is completely bonkers and its all about the right time and what schools are looking for at that particular moment. I am sure that there is a program out there who will see how amazing you are.
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