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  1. senorbrightside

    When Did You Find Housing?

    I'm now getting worried. I'll be in Spain until July 1st and will be moving to Urbana-Champaign (not far from St. Louis!) in August...and haven't really given a thought to finding a place to live. I'm so used to Spain that I don't even know how to begin looking...basically commenting so I will remember to come back to this post and read advice from others and stuff
  2. senorbrightside

    Illinois-Urbana-Champaign 2018

    Anyone else going to UIUC in the autumn? What are you studying? M.A. or Ph.D? Feel free to introduce yourself! Spanish Literature M.A. here..
  3. senorbrightside

    Lesbian life in various places (recommendations? warnings?)

    Three years later...I'm wondering the same thing. I know Chicago is two hours away or so in case not so good.
  4. I've accepted UIUC's M.A. in Spanish Literature offer Excited! Scared!
  5. senorbrightside

    Spanish Fall 2018

    I'm 99.9% sure I'm accepting it. I have to wait until I talk to a professor from undergrad who wants me at her uni, but I know she's going to tell me to go to UIUC as it's such a great fit for me. Let me know how things go during your visit. I won't even be in the US until July so no chance to visit! I hope there'll still be a place to live then!
  6. senorbrightside

    Spanish Fall 2018

    Pues enhorabuena por tu acceptance, y si eras tu, muchas gracias por tu plaza Mucha suerte a ti también!
  7. senorbrightside

    "Let's just TALK about it..." Decision Edition

    I didn't want that to be the deciding factor, but there are a ton of other factors that lead toward school B. I just have a great relationship with the one professor at School A that would make it liveable, but the more I write about i Now watch the grad school not accept that recommendation of admission haha Unless School A gave significantly more funding...I'm going with School B. I don't know why I include family as I've been in Spain for 10 years... but, being in the US again it makes a difference too.
  8. I just got accepted off a wait list at Illinois-Urbana Champaign (MA for Hispanic Literature). This was my second choice so..I'm ecstatic!
  9. senorbrightside

    "Let's just TALK about it..." Decision Edition

    I now have a decision to make suddenly this week after I had counted on grad school not happening this term. School A: I love the department, and one of my fave professors from undergrad now teaches there and she would do what she could to let me research things that they may not normally have. It would be a good transition back to academic life after 10 years in Spain teaching English. The cons are its location (six hours away from anywhere, not that I would have time to travel much, but you know), location in general, and from what I hear, it's not very gay friendly (I'm gay. I know the department and school are LGBTQA+ friendly despite the location)). I see myself happy in the department but miserable the second I stepped off campus. School B: An amazing school, has a lot of professors who line up with my interests perfectly, small town but closer to big cities, and closer to my mom whose health isn't great. It also has a much better ranking for what its worth. It's gay-friendly. Cons: I would be happier off campus but it might be a rougher transition back to academia and wouldn't have the support of the one professor. Funding and costs of living are about the same for the two so not factoring that in. I think I know which one I want, but I wanted to type it out to people who understand the situation better and who might have insight. Thanks in advance
  10. senorbrightside

    Spanish Fall 2018

    OMG! This week has changed things...I'll be recommended for admission at Texas Tech and Urbana-Champaign...getting in off their wait list!
  11. senorbrightside

    Anyone still waiting for results???? Masters level

    Still waiting on one and also one wait list.
  12. senorbrightside

    Lubbock, TX

    @phyanth I will probably hit you up with more concrete questions later once everything becomes official. Thanks
  13. senorbrightside

    Lubbock, TX

    Which would be horrible for your partner! You'd have the bubble but.... All the profs I've talked to have mentioned they lived in a bubble and couldn't actually tell me anything about Lubbock so I mean.... Thanks for your reply. I may have more questions soon.
  14. senorbrightside

    Lubbock, TX

    Uh oh. I just searched this as I may end up at Texas Tech...and while I am white male, I am gay and extremely left-wing. I love the department, but I am scared to death about living in Lubbock and being miserable or even hate crimes and such. And yeah, bumping this up for more info in general in Lubbock Thanks.
  15. senorbrightside

    Spanish Fall 2018

    Me parece genial. Muchísimas gracias...a ver si hay suerte. Ya les escribiré un mail para ver si hay alguna posibilidad para este año con funding

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