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  1. I'm still looking to swap too...the more eyes the better I think. I'm Spanish literature.
  2. I'm applying to a Ph.D in Spanish Lit and have the same struggles as everyone else. Thanks @amaward1 for the advice.
  3. Mucha suerte! What programs are you looking at? Illinois-Urbana Champaign has a strong linguistics program if you haven't considered them. One of my undergrad professors said pretty much the same thing, that as long as we're aware about the job prospects and what doing a Ph.D in the humanities entails, and we still want to do it, then to go for it. My question...how to figure out if our interests really match the department? That's where I'm at right now. They all look so pretty on paper
  4. I'm also doing Hispanic Studies, so if you want to do a swap I'd be more than willing. You can't have too many eyes! In general if it isn't too late to get in on the swapping I'd be willing to.
  5. My advice is to make sure your writing sample is the best version you can make it. I might focus on MA programs this year if you don't have one as it will make you a stronger candidate in the future and you will be able to have stronger letters of rec and writing samples and know exactly what you're getting into But I know a lot of people on this forum are accepted right away into Ph.D's too. Politics of memory in Chile and Perú sounds really interesting! And it sounds like you have a great list of schools to choose from. ¡Mucha suerte y animó!
  6. Bleepbloop: Thanks for the reminder in case some wasn't aware of the bleak prospects for academia. Most of us probably are aware, but it is a good thing to point out in case someone seriously has their heart set on a career in academia and being a professor is the only reason they're doing it. I want to do the PH.D for the love of learning and am quite okay with teaching at an independent school or community college after. Olivetree: I have a lot of schools on my list I'm narrowing...This is my second cycle, but last year I was stretched too thin during application season and didn't
  7. ¡Hola a todos! I know it's somewhat early to start this post, but I know some are probably starting to narrow down their choices and are starting to get things together...and since this year is going to look extremely different than past years, I figured I'd get the ball rolling. This post is for all those applying to both MA and Ph.D programs in either linguistics or literature. I'm considering a Ph.D in Spanish lit with a focus on contemporary peninsular literature and film with an interest in queer studies, la España vacía/vaciada and el mito de la Transición. I'm nar
  8. Thanks, @WildeThingI knew there was somewhere where I had found it before, but I couldn't remember where. And thanks for the FB group suggestion @merry night wanderer I will check it out!
  9. I'm not sure this is the right forum or not, but I'm seriously considering applying for the Iowa Writer's Workshop. I just finished a M.A. in Spanish Literature and was shut out, but I miss writing fiction so I'm looking at the MFA at Iowa...any other similar recommendations? Anyone else looking at this or has done this?
  10. Unions are incredibly important. They will bargain for health care, for raises, for better working conditions, to avoid us being exploited as TAs when we have our own research to take care of. Our union has done a LOT for our campus.
  11. Same, in case I reapply next cycle.
  12. I'm Spanish literature, but I also got shut out this cycle. Several people read my SOP and said it was good and helped me make it better. However, I only applied to three and I know one of the potential advisers just couldn't take on any more students (and I'm grateful they didn't try, honestly!)...I'm sure you were a great applicant, but the cards just weren't in your favour this time around. It just gives you time to reflect if it is what you really want, time to contact potential people (I did, but it was really late in the game), and do tons of self-care. Don't be too discouraged!
  13. Thanks for your advice and the link! I'll keep checking it out.
  14. Ageism much? I'm older too. It sounds like you dodged a bullet at UT Austin if they asked that...and me enfado por ti. In regards to grad school, people tend to land where they're supposed to be at the right time, so if it's meant to be there's next year and other schools that might actually be a better fit. I think my research interests are changing to a different focus so...not saying it doesn't sting but just more objective about it, and it's also preparing me, if I do continue in academia, for all the rejection to come! :D
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