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  1. Before I sign off permanently from Gradcafe (it has done a number on my mental health). Then again, grad school has also done a number. Decision day is almost 10 days away. Anyone want to share where they have committed to?! Or what they're deciding between?! Is anyone still waiting to hear back?! I have committed to Indiana for the literature track. The department is great and the funding was great too. I am from NYC, born and raised. I lived my whole life here (elementary, middle school, highschool, undergrad and grad). The midwest is the first time I would be leaving my nest so I am a
  2. Not something I’ve seen on the results but definitely how I feel after being rejected yesterday by the institution where I’m getting my MA!
  3. Congratulations!!! THAT IS GREAT NEWS. Here’s to extra hope the funding package will come sometime this week. You’ve worked hard for this. Make sure to go celebrate!! Felicitaciones 😊
  4. Anyone have any updates? Anyone have strategies they use to prevent themselves from obsessing over checking grad cafe and the email?? I am considering putting on a rubber band and snapping it when I want to check both. My fear is that knowing myself, I'll snap the rubber band more than 10 times in one day. I hope the process is going well for everyone. Congrats to those accepted. To those waiting, may we hear good news soon.
  5. In between losing and gaining hope? My top school has waitlisted me. I am trying to remain positive as it’s still early and I am hoping that maybe someone will reject their offer but we all know how waiting list works 😕 I am trying to remain positive because what is for me, will be for me. And everything will work out in the end whether or not it’s the plan I originally envisioned. Thank you for asking
  6. This made my day. Thank you for keeping this thread alive. It’s been giving me life as I play the waiting game. This will now be my new hobby as a means to keep myself upbeat. I WILL BE BACK SOON AS I TRACK SOME DOWN!!
  7. Jaja. Yo ando por mi tercer botella de vino. Hoy mismo compraré otra😂
  8. I am thinking of doing the same thing. I interviewed a month ago and haven’t heard anything. So I just may email their DGS but I don’t want to bother them either. I might give in to the anxiety though
  9. I applied to the PhD program of my MA and every time I get a email with their header I get excited. Then I see “Virtual events this week” and I want to throw my phone across the room
  10. I thought refreshing my email would make the decisions come faster 😂
  11. Same 😕 The anxiety is eating me alive 😭
  12. OYE NO DIGAS ESO. Its okay if you dont have the faith, but I have enough faith for you that this will be a different cycle for you. I am speaking positively for you and putting out buenas vibras por ti. You WILL NOT be shut out this cycle.
  13. Maybe we should annoy them with our questions!! The worse they can say is no or waitlist us. Regardless, at least we would get an answer!!
  14. I wouldn't!! Maybe you are on an informal waiting list!! I would definitely reach out. I am considering reaching out to my programs next week if I dont hear back. I too am very conflicted 😕 Speaking of assumptions. I interviewed a month ago (as of next week) for a program and I saw one offer uploaded the week I interviewed. Should I email the department? Or should I assume lo peor?
  15. Estoy muy de acuerdo con esta idea. De hecho, me gusta mucho. Si esta semana aun no me llega noticias (ojalá buenas) también voy a enviar emails a los programas. Para los demás, dependiendo de las fechas limites de sus programas, quizás también deberían de enviarle un correo porque quizás le ayuden con la ansiedad y también el correo puede funcionar como un recordatorio a estos programas! Ya no puedo mas con la ansiedad ni tampoco me aguanta grad cafe. Lo uso tanto que a veces dice "Safari couldn't load server"
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