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  1. You’re definitely at least waitlisted, if not accepted! Did they mention you being a finalist at all?
  2. Anyone claim the Harvard interview?
  3. Applying this year for Hispanic Studies. Happy to take a look at anyone's SOPs, especially in the Humanities, or do a swap!
  4. Not the OP, but I would be so thankful if I could take you up on that!
  5. Can someone explain these funding packages to me? For example, is "$15,000 + $5000 for the summer" not inclusive of tuition waivers, healthcare, etc.? Otherwise, the funding would be a lot higher, no?
  6. Thanks for the advice, @jrockford27 and @foampoem. I think I will include translations in the footnotes, but I do wonder whether that could bring me too much over the page limit for my writing samples. I suppose the easy solution in case that happens is to really cut down the essay to its absolute essentials...
  7. Hi everyone! First of all, I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Comparative Literature, and I’ll be applying to Comparative Literature Ph.D. programs next fall. I’ve already begun to work on my writing sample in preparation for the 2019-2020 application season; it’s an assignment for one of my courses, and I figured that I would kill two birds with one stone. Here’s the deal: my essay is in English, obviously, but I’m comparing two Lusophone authors. This means that all of my citations will be in Portuguese and that at least half of my sources will be in Portuguese, as well. Since
  8. Hey all! Future applicant here (Fall 19). I'm so happy someone has finally made a comp lit thread, and will be following it closely and rooting for you guys over the coming weeks! I was wondering if anyone would be up to chatting about the application process—SOP, POI contact, LORs, etc. I'm trying to learn as much about the process as possible before I start crafting my applications, and would really appreciate the opportunity to pick someone's brain on this topic Please let me know if I can DM you!
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