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  1. Hello, I've posted a few times here before, but I was wondering if anyone has had radio silence from University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign? I've seen acceptances roll through, and some rejections, but I have just heard nothing from them. I know someone said they weren't updating the online application, but I also sent an email to the address they provided (shockey@illinois.edu) and have had zero response. I'm assuming a rejection, but I'm kind of frustrated to have not had that confirmed. Any advice? Congrats to everyone's acceptances! This was my first application cycle and I was
  2. Hi All, I would like some feedback on the biggest hurdles I think I'll face in the upcoming application cycle (December 2018 for admission Fall 2019) and ask for some much needed advice about how to prepare myself for the inevitable weaknesses present in my career. Here are my biggest concerns: I was unfortunately unable to write an Honor's Thesis for my school. The course was offered by application, and it still deeply pains me that I was not accepted into the program for my senior year. However, I chose to do multiple research seminars offered to make up for this lack. Each r
  3. Hey @KappaRoss! I just heard back on my writing score, and just figured if you were interested I'd update you. I got a 6! So now I have a 162V/164Q/6AW. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  4. Haha thanks for the advice. It's crazy how fast the test flew by for me! Those breaks in between sections are really insignificant (or nugatory, as magoosh and other practice outlets have taught me) compared to the overall time. Thanks for the advice though! I definitely think I'm building strong relationships with my professors, I'm just hoping I can apply for an honors thesis program in my school that would be helpful for awards and getting to know a couple professors a little better. On my practice tests I varied. I would sometimes score that, below 162, or above 162. I probably
  5. Hey thank you so much for your comments! I'm curious, if I do believe that I might be able to do better on the verbal (like spending more time studying verbal, as opposed to what I did which is study verbal and quantitative equally), is there a score that would help me? For example, most of the schools I'm looking at post verbals of 166-170, which makes me nervous about whether or not I'll break into that specific category. I personally think I need to do more focused work on vocab and practice RC questions, but i'm also unsure if I hit that range. If I hit like a 164/165, would that help, or
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