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  1. FALSE ALARM, DON’T PANIC: There’s a Chicago interview in Cognition on the board that really got my heart going.
  2. When they send interviews do they also send rejection letters to everyone else?
  3. Someone give me some soap so I can clean while I’m up here climbing these walls.
  4. You're going to give me a heart attack! Where are you getting all this from? Who are your sources? Who do you have on the inside?!?!
  5. Saying Yes with applications outstanding

    Aren’t (most) universities beholden to the graduate agreement that says that offers that involve funding cannot be required before April 15th?
  6. 2018 App Crunch Time

    My final application is sent (had the LOVELY opportunity of reducing an already reduced writing sample by nearly a third of its length to satisfy the word (yes, word, not page) limit). All the letters are in, now we wait. Does anyone know how important or useful the Fall reports are? My university has not responded about mending a course misspelling on my transcript so I have been waiting on that before sending them in.
  7. 2018 App Crunch Time

    English programs call? That’s convenient seeing as I’m out of the country. I bet every single program has already selected me but becsuse I’m not picking up they’re moving on.
  8. Gates Cambridge 2018-2019

    The international deadline depended on when the program deadline was, so Jan 4th for me.
  9. CHICSgo interviews? What sort of things do they ask?
  10. I made a list for myself based on results on GradCafe last year. I just searched for each program and posted and usually chose the latest date on there, so as to not stress myself out if the date passes and I haven’t heard back (bound to happen). It is by no means scientific or accurate, and only involves the programs I applied to, but: Stanford/Berkeley - Mar. 22 Cambridge/Yale - Mar. 9 Michigan - Mar. 6 Brown/NYU/Oxford/Princeton/Rutgers - Mar. 1 Columbia - Feb. 28 Penn - Feb. 27 Cornell - Feb. 24 Virginia - Feb. 20 CUNY - Feb. 17 Harvard - Feb. 16 Chicago - Feb. 10 UCLA - Feb. 2 (Note that UCLA pushed its deadline back by a month, so maybe this year they will take longer) Also I dunno what the deadlins were last year and that might be relevant.
  11. 2018 Blooper Real*

    I misspelled Charles Chesnutt as Chestnutt in my SoP.
  12. Opportunities for Intl. PhD holder?

    I’m applying to several programs this cycle and my wife will accompany me to wherever I get accepted. She is currently completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology in Spain and I was hoping to look for employment opportunities for her but I’m not really sure where to start. Do we look for postdocs? Would she be able to practice? Can anyone guide us a bit as to where we can look for the best opportunities? We are not very picky as at the beginning we just want to be able to cover our expenses and after the first year or two start a more focused search. I realize advice will vary depending on where we go as different campuses and cities have different cultures but I was wondering if anyone could offer some general guidelines.
  13. Is it realistic?

    How long are interviews? I did some research last semester where I interviewed 20 people (some in person some by phone). Each interview was 5 to 20m, transcribing took me about double that time at least, but my method was rudimentary and only considered the words themselves. So, maybe? Transcribing can take a long time.