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  1. They definitely did last year. Hey also required physical copies which is a pain. Could you source this? edit: nevemind, just saw the website. That’s great, hope other big schools follow suit.
  2. WildeThing

    Emeritus Involvement

    I have never even seen any emeriti faculty around at my last campus. I would avoid appealing to emeriti.
  3. NYU does this and offers 50-60% tuition to those passed on to the MA. Chicago also does this but overall I would caution against undertaking an unfunded MA, though this has been discussed at length on these boards.
  4. May I ask what you are basing this on? I knew Lacanian psychoanalysis was considered fairly 'old news' but not the extent you're describing.
  5. WildeThing

    How Important are Conferences?

    So, I love going to conferences and think they can be very useful. If you can go somewhere and present an idea you're considering for grad school, it can serve a s a good way to test it out (but also exposes you to academic theft). You can also meet people in your field who can make for good contacts or even friends, and if someone in a prospective school is presenting, this is the perfect way to meet them and see if they'd be interested in your work (go to their talk, ask a (good) question, and go up to them and say it was very interesting and introduce yourself and your work (but don't do this when asking your question)). As others have said, it is also a good way to see what academics are focusing on. On the flipside, I've found that often faculty who you might work with don't tend to go to conferences unless they're keynote speakers (less true for smaller schools, but usually established academics don't present at CFPed panels in my experience), though some specialized conferences might prove the opposite. Last year when I applied I had 1 poster presentation, 11 panel presentations, 2 roundtable presentations, and 8 panels/roundtables/workshops that I organized and/or chaired (in small and very large conferences), which from talking to other applicants seems to be a lot more than the norm, and I still got shut out. I don't think conferences, looked at as achievements, count for much. Conferences as the experiences they are and the opportunities they might present are worth more, assuming one can actually make the most of them (and I have gone to conferences that I have gained nothing from). Ultimately, if your school has funding to go to conferences, I would say use it up but spend nothing more. Don't go out of your way to attend a conference but if you can go without paying out of pocket, I'd recommend it.
  6. Same here, meaning I will definitely be returning to Europe. Just waiting on Oxford to put me out of my misery.
  7. WildeThing

    19th Century Americanist Roll Call

    I SOMEtimes say I’m interested in the turn of the century, don’t know if that is marketable or not though.
  8. WildeThing

    Primary instructor

    No, it’s a separate class.
  9. Your move-in date will depend on your visa, but they don’t usually allow you to come a long time before the program starts.
  10. WildeThing

    2018 Acceptances

    If I had to guess, they're waiting for MA candidates to reject or accept, so you might be on an invisible waitlist for the MA.
  11. WildeThing

    2018 Acceptances

    The PhD program cohort has been finalized from what i understood when talking to them by phone.
  12. WildeThing

    Rhet/Comp 2018

    I actually called myself and was told that “most but not all” decisions have been made and that we should be hearing back in one week or two. I asked if some acceptancs were pending and was told that some decisions have not been finalized. Personally I take this to mean that acceptances are out and they’re waiting on responses before finalizing rejections but who knows.
  13. I don't know if anyone else is waiting on UCLA, but I just called and they expect decisions to be sent out shortly (as vague as that might be). They said decisions are made on a rolling basis but that a majority would be sent out in the first round, through the portal. They expected to have them sent by now but the complications with the system pushed them back. So, ultimately, no real news.
  14. Both. English departments are the largest and many comparatists do some English. No matter what your languages are, you will prbably be hired to teach just one. Without comparative lit departments or specialists, why should you be hired over someone who has specialized in that language? Considering the different combinations that one could do with comp, what are the odds that you will be hired to work on the one you studied? Departments usually hire someone to teach or cover a specific area and being a comparatist will limit you. That said, I applied anyway because I wanted to and job prospects aren’t exactly good anyway, no matter what you do. Also, I doubt that a comparatist from Yale will starve.
  15. I’ve said this before, but one of my professors, who is an active and leading member of the ACLA, actively discouraged me from getting into comp lit because fewer and fewer unis are hiring comparatists.

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