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  1. How does anyone afford 60,000 for tuition + 30,000 for living expenses when most of the scholarships are 10,000 to 30,000? It's jaw-dropping.
  2. I've seen a lot of posts on Gradcafe where people say MAPH is a cash cow, that professors give MAPHers less attention, that the program isn't even super competitive (that they let a good number in because they are willing to pay). I wanted to ask, is UChicago's MAPH the real deal? I'm feeling really proud to get into such a great institution, but I'm hearing all this talk about how it's a makeshift degree at a first-rate university... I got a 10,500 dollar scholarship, but that's a small dent in overall expenses if I decide to go. I studied poli sci in undergrad, and thought MAPH would be a great way to transition to English lit as a PHD. If I decide to go to MAPH I don't want to feel like an impostor, and I wanted to know if getting in is comparable to people who got into specific discipline MAs in Chicago (MA in Philosophy, English, etc.).
  3. I also got into the MAPH with a 10.5K scholarship. How many people/what percentage get into this program? Seeing so many acceptances. I feel like MAPH would be a good stepping stone to a top-notch PHD, but 50K tuition is ridiculous. What does everyone everyone know about MAPH and placements? I'm half way considering taking out more loans because UChicago is such a great college. But also feeling like I'm being swindled.
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