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  1. So, I can only speak from what I saw last year, but northwestern really blows when it comes to notifying applicants. I think last year they stretched it all the way to March before they told folks. It really sucks the way they do it. i think a lot of you guys will unfortunately be waiting a while for a closure with them 😕
  2. Definitely think they are better then OSU. Like a badger is way better then a Nut
  3. Did they ask y’all if you have outside funding?
  4. yeeeeeeeee. i noticed that too. I'm hoping that today and tomorrow will be exciting, but i think next week will have more action.
  5. Lol same thing happened to me. Rejected from all 6 i applied to. I'm also less obsessive than last year, but i think a major reason for that is the fact that this time around i actually have a job so i have something to do for 8 hours a day, as opposed to last time when i was a college senior with A-LOT more free time. Best of luck to you this time around!
  6. That is what it looks like. In the past they've started to accept people around the 25th all the way to the 31st. And thanks! Lord knows i need it.
  7. It looks like CU Boulder will also release before Feb. Or at least that's what i'm hoping
  8. You should probably head over to the "government affairs" forum under the professional programs section. This one is mostly talking about political science program that lead into academia.
  9. I think in general starting next week we will see a lot more decisions. It seems that most schools that get back to students in Jan do it after the 20th.
  10. Welp today's the 15th, good luck to everyone who had admissions deadlines today!
  11. Looks like there is another Cal posting. Anyone claim it? or is it another spam?
  12. I applied to six PhD programs, all in the US. My focus is on security studies.
  13. So i know that its super unlikely that they would be released this early, and it appears as they are fake as no one in the forums has stepped forward and claimed any of the decisions, but there are just so many posted that it seems super strange. In the past people have posted like one or two Harvard acceptances this early as a troll, but i don't think there has ever been that many fake posts. So either they are real and its just a coincidence that no one here has had any, or someone is really really bored.
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