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  1. Unfortunately, I think this will be the case with most programs this year.
  2. I suggest you head over to the professional government sub forum. They’ll be better prepared to answer the questions you have about those specific program. Most of the people on this forum mostly deal with political science grad programs, not professional ones.
  3. I Suggest you try your hand at PhD programs now. Your profile seems like it should get you a few admissions. The reason that I suggest going for the PhD as opposed to the MA is mainly because in your PhD program you'll be earning an MA as well. Very few programs allow credits to be transferred from other programs. I'd say an MA also doesn't really put you at a comparative advantage vs someone who doesn't have an MA. Especially if you are looking at more professional MA programs, the academic oriented PhD programs won't view that necessarily as a plus. While I doubt they'll view it as a negativ
  4. Penn just announced no new admissions for their arts and sciences college. TBH I think that it's the programs at rich private schools that will mostly feel the squeeze this year and close/reduce admissions. Public schools often will use grad students as cheap labor to teach their freshman/undergrad courses. It's a lot easier for the department to justify new grad students if they provide that service to the University. Meanwhile, private schools will often not require that for every semester for students, with first years often not having to do any teaching.
  5. Wanted to whole heartily agree with this statement and sentiment. A great advisor/mentor can make or break a graduate experience. choosing a poor one because of the institution is a horrible idea. Additionally, i'll echo what you said about quality of life. I think this factor is often overlooked by many applicants. However, many fail to realize how important quality of life really is. If you are someone who loves the city, you'll hate living in rural NY. That will then seep into everything and ultimately negatively affect your whole experience. Additionally, mental health issues are rampant i
  6. Cal State Online for Fall 20 😕 seems like the UC’s will be a “mixed approach”. Not sure what that means TBH.
  7. Ooooohhhhhh, my bad. That makes sense. TBH I’m kinda surprised that the US is actually being more proactive about university support then other places.
  8. From what I understand, in most cases a high MA GPA (3.8<) does in fact negate a lower undergrad GPA. Or at the very least decreases the damage that a lower undergrad GPA will inflict on an applicant. With that being said, I do think that if financially possible you should consider applying to PhD programs as long as your GPA is a 3.0 or higher with that GRE score. From my experience it seems that most Adcomms prefer students with a 3.5 or higher but will still consider students with a GPA between 3.0 and 3.5, especially if they have amazing GRE’s (which you do). the main reason
  9. I think most schools have done this? From my understanding, the CARES ACT provided funding funds for schools and at least half of them need to be sent out directly to students who have been affected by the corona. At the least at the universities that I am affiliated with it has taken its form in a “corona virus fund” or something of a similar name where students apply for grants based on need (moving, medical costs, food, etc) and then receive a check from the university. if I am understanding the article correctly then UCLA is following the terms of the aid that they received. Unless th
  10. From what I understand, American academia is very very snobbish and elitist so there are very few non-American schools that American academics actually know about and respect. The obvious ones being in the Anglo sphere (Big three in Canada, Oxbridge, LSE, Essex, and Edinburgh in the UK, ANU, Sydney, and Melbourne In Australia, and Auckland and Otago in NZ). Outside of the Anglo sphere maybe Sciences Po is really the only widely known and respected school to American academia. I don’t know what country you’re from so it’s difficult to make that specific judgment. I’m also not saying it’s i
  11. Not really. For MA degrees its mostly about what you do and who you work with. But, TBH, strongly consider if an MA in polisci is something that you want to do. Generally it's advised that people do not apply to terminal MA degrees if their desire is to pursue a PhD as most PhD programs require you to earn an MA along the way regardless of prior grad work. With that being said, some people do go the terminal MA route prior to a PhD. The main advice for that is to go the cheapest route as debt is something that you should try and avoid. ESPECIALLY if your goal is academia.
  12. I'll agree with @sloth_girl about the Results posts, I also suggest you take a look at the faculty thread. It's a longer read but DEFINITELY worth it.
  13. Totally agree about that. As I’m starting to register for classes it seems like the grad seminars cap at 15 students which is below the limit. The only question that I really have is how dorms would work. As mentioned in the article Oakland is mainly a commuter school so they don’t have to worry about that. I’m interested in how larger and non commuter schools are going to handle that whole thing.
  14. Hey all, I saw this article about a local MI university and their plans for college in the age of corona. The college's plan, as of now, is below. In-person laboratory classes, but limited to a small number of students. “We might have three students in a large lab where social distancing is possible, and where they can wear masks and can be tested before they come in,” Pescovitz said. Some classes moved to larger venues on campus – the university president offered an example of a class of 50 in a room that seats 250 so students can maintain safe social distance. Ballrooms in
  15. I wonder if the US will adopt the Canadian model at all and offer federal aid specifically to students Hahahahaha, no. Absolutely not. I think this administration would first let the west coast leave the union then adopt a Canadian style support system for students, universities, or even localities. States should just declare bankruptcy, don’t ya know.
  16. That’s pretty interesting to know what’s happening in Canada. I know that in the US there are a series of class action lawsuits led by undergrads who are demanding fee refunds and or tuition breaks for this current spring semester.
  17. I just wanted to agree with this statement whole heartedly. A great profile will get you past the door, but it's the luck that gets you an offer. Personally, I think the luck factor is the larger of the two, but honestly it varies from person to person and school to school and even year to year. I also want to congratulate you on an awesome cycle! I have spent the last two years or so on this site and honestly I think you are the most successful candidate that I've seen on here!
  18. Good luck to everyone making their final decisions. Don't forget to pop onto the results/advice/lessons thread to drop some knowledge on the next group of students!
  19. Question for folks: Let’s say during the summer your school announces online classes for the rest of the year, would you still move there? Personally, I am planning on moving to my school as long as the funding is still there. I’ve already given my notice to vacate for my current apartment (massive rent increase anyways) and I can’t imagine living at home with my family for more then two months without going insane.
  20. I believe the Arizona Philosophy department is doing something along those lines, or giving priority consideration for applicants who were admitted this year but are forced to reapply next year. Personally, I would not want to reapply to a school that pulled their funding offer. While I understand that it's not the departments that's doing it, it shows systemic issues within the administration and the value that they place on grad students within the institution.
  21. So thats definitely a valid statement and for the most part I do agree that more information is better then restricting and or limiting information. I guess I'm just kind of upset about the way the media is hyping this whole thing up in general. I totally understand how dangerous it is and yes it should be taken seriously. But at the same time, I think that some of the over coverage the media has been doing has also instilled a sense of panic and fear that is totally unhelpful in this crisis. There is no reason to go out and buy a months worth of food, but you wouldn't know that from the media
  22. I saw that article too, but the thing that struck out to me was that it seemed to be just one projection. And as everyone keeps on saying, projections are just as good as the assumptions you put into them. From what I understood in the article, it said that if we had lifted the stay at home orders after only 30 days then we would have a massive uptick in august. But that clearly hasn't happened. Most states and the federal government have increased the stay at home orders well past the original timelines. The federal one is in place until around April 30, and I fully expect it to be extended b
  23. Inside Higher Ed is now reporting it. “The University of Arizona is withdrawing funding packages to accepted graduate students who have not yet committed to the institution.”
  24. Lol I totally understand. So I'm not sure if this has been brought up yet, but one obvious choice is to accept the offer you have, and then if you get off the waitlist to simply withdraw from the accepted school. I know that that is a mega grey area ethically, but it is an option that you may consider. From what I've read on forums and reddit, it isn't that uncommon of a practice.
  25. Um, just wanted to jump in and say that hearing back from a waitlist after the 15th isn't unheard of. Last cycle I heard back from my last school (rejection) on the 17th. So like, you may hear after the 15th. If you go through the results page I'm sure you'll be able to people posting after the 15th. While it obviously differs by school and department, it isn't an industry standard. The CGS agreement is to provide the April 15th deadline for students who received funded offers to provide their response. However, I do not think this means that the school is under any sort of obligation to
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