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  1. In the application FAQ, the program lists benchmark scores an applicant should be above to avoid a significantly reduced chance of admission: 155 V, 154 Q and 3.5 AW. But there's no further information regarding GRE median, mean, percentile etc. Does anyone know the actual (or rough) GRE data for this program?
  2. I am considering applying late (in 3-4 weeks) to M.A. Programs. Is there a list anywhere of programs that have rolling, very late etc. deadlines?
  3. To clarify, this means that a score achieved after July 1, 2012 can be the only score reported even if the other scores came before July 1, 2012?
  4. I think the company is formally called ManhattanGMAT, but I've also seen it called ManhattanGRE. Regardless, they do have GRE questions, and anyone who has worked with their prep material would highly recommend it.
  5. Manhattan GMAT's 6 practice tests, available from their website, and ETS's PowerPrep software, which also is available from their website.
  6. Between the official guide/powerprep CD, manhattan gre's workbooks/6 practice CAT's, and all of Nova's books, you should have all you could ever need to prepare. ETS is official material, and Nova/MGRE are the closest you can otherwise come to getting very good practice for the real test.
  7. how much does the official guide's test (not powerprep, the book) resemble the real test if one does very well on the first sections?
  8. That seems to confirm what my hunch was based on information some people had posted about how many Q's they missed/their scores. Thanks for the nice response and I would def appreciate it if you could post that info from your diag report.
  9. I know that the difficulty of the second sections depends on how well one does on the first sections, but how difficult are the first sections? Approximately how many L4/L5 questions are there? And if one does very well on the first section, how difficult is the second section, per the same criteria?
  10. So what is the distribution of difficulty level for the first section of math/verbal? If one does well, what is it for the second? Also, has anyone taken both the revised and the old version of the test? If so, any thoughts on the old v new? How did your scores compare % wise?
  11. Correction: They have put out material for the new test. The books looked the exact same and I did not see the "For the New GRE" in the top corner. Anyway I would highly recommend their material to anyone who is taking the test--their Math was the best for the old test and I suspect it will be for the new. Verbal also quite good. Here's a link to their new math book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/GRE-Math-Prep-Course-Novas/dp/1889057592/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325024091&sr=8-1
  12. So far as I can tell Nova has not released prep material for the revised test . Does anyone know if they will be doing so, or if they have and I just missed it? For those unfamiliar with Nova, their prep material for the old version of the GRE was superb, in particular their Math book (loads of problems, all representative of actual test material with lots of challenging ones).
  13. If you want to prepare thoroughly for the GRE and have some cash to spare, you should get: 1. As many of Manhattan GRE's workbooks as possible and their online practice test package. Manhattan GRE's material is outstanding for the most part. 2. The official ETS guide (it comes with powerprep) 3. Any of a number of small vocab books from several different companies. Also consider Barron's guide to the old GRE, which has the biggest list by far. 4. Nova's material for the old test, in particular their math review. It is exhaustive and will help out a bunch, especially if you're a high scorer because there are lots of challenging problems. And that's really all you should need. No company but MGRE/ETS has put out a respectable full guide to the revised test yet. Barron's new stuff is unimpressive but probably the best of the "other" material.
  14. Manatee it is pretty easy to see that you posted originally in order to flaunt your superiority. Your tone was immodest and implicitly mocked those who prepare diligently, you made a pathetic and self-aggrandizing attempt at humor, and it is questionable whether or not smart people who do not need to prepare much to do well even need the "advice" you offered. An hour with some prep questions would be all that it takes for someone of that nature to gather such information.
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