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  1. Sorry, missed this one! I decline everywhere except HYMPS. I posted a picture awhile back to all the ones where I applied.
  2. Usually you only want to apply for places with a pretty good "fit," and usually you'll only get into places with a pretty good "fit." That being said, there are a lot of programs with good political behavior faculty both in the T10 and in the T25 or so. Usually specific faculty is what you'll want to look into, though having a major or minor listed for Political Psychology is good as well. As someone also interested in political behavior, I went through the faculty pages/CVs of program in the Top 30. Even just a cursory glance often told me if the department was an adequate "fit" or not. Generally speaking, you want to go somewhere great (T10-15) but also have good fit with faculty in order to perform well on the market.
  3. Still deciding between HYPS. The virtual visits are still ongoing.
  4. Usually the top few programs have people working in Political Psychology (I fall within the Political Behavior category myself with an interest in Political Psychology). Stanford, one of the schools I'm considering, has faculty who do work in this area. Your best bet is to keep up with the CVs of faculty of interest.
  5. Just declined a good chunk of offers, so hopefully this helps someone on the WL!
  6. Also claiming a Yale admit (CP for those who don't know)
  7. So my friend who is at Harvard reached out to me because he saw my name on the admitted students list. He's a different subfield, so I think (along with the WL claims) this probably means they are done?
  8. I originally got a call and just got an more "generic" email today. They said they accepted 25 of over 500.
  9. I had a few quant courses from undergrad and a pretty good quant GRE (164). I've heard that it's more of a concern if you score below the 80th percentile, but if you score 80th percentile or above, then they are less concerned about the lack of quant courses. The exception for this is if you plan to do formal modeling work/game theory -- then they'll want to see a more robust quant transcript.
  10. I'm CP (I do gender work though, so I also fall into American as a secondary category).
  11. Claiming a rejection from Columbia (email to check the portal this morning). Also claiming a Harvard acceptance (got a call this morning). Only have Yale to hear back from, and after that I'll post my profile.
  12. They sent me a letter with funding info not too long ago. Not sure what the absence of a letter means.
  13. Claiming an MIT rejection -- standard email
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