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  1. People don't usually consider AWA as heavily. My best bet would just be the higher V/Q scores.
  2. Generally speaking, you want to look for placement into tenure track jobs in R1 or R2 universities. Then, for those who do not get those, see what kinds of jobs they do end up in. Think tanks, tech, etc. are all common, and people have their own individual preferences for alt-ac jobs. I personally came from tech and will probably go back to tech if I don't get academic placement (i.e. TT job), so I picked with that in mind. The top 5 programs are known for pretty consistent placement, but some programs definitely punch above their ranking. It's also worth looking at your specific subfiel
  3. No worries at all! You might have a better time connecting with similar applicants on that specific forum though. Good luck to you!
  4. Dartmouth doesn't have a PhD in Poli Sci?
  5. Some I'm pretty sure got reclassified as policy/international type programs. Additionally, I think I've heard of a few that aren't ranked here and there. I think the small bump for UCSD and small drop for Yale and Duke were most notable among the Top 10. UNC dropped out of the top 10. WUSTL and Cornell moved up while OSU and UW-M moved down a bit. Also Emory seems to be climbing up. MSU saw a sizable drop -- sexual harassment scandal may have played into that. I'd also say that before, there were more ties (often 3 way) between schools, whereas now that's less common.
  6. Congrats! If you have any questions about Stanford, send my way!
  7. Congrats on the waitlist -- in usual times, this would likely be an acceptance. They are just really being careful with funding this year. Depending on your subfield, it could work out!
  8. Thank you! I'm glad to be of help -- reach out any time! Also yes, I do enjoy the weather!
  9. OSU is probably the best bang for your buck. The DC area does have benefits of course, but I think your preparation, networking, etc. would on average be better at OSU. I'd look closely at placement data -- they report it for non-academic jobs generally as well. JHU may have a slightly better "name brand" than OSU, but I think other data probably put OSU at the top.
  10. I was pretty busy (though I do have 2 kids!). My schedule itself was fairly flexible in what exactly I had to be doing at a specific time of day (other than classes, office hours, etc.), but it was still pretty busy. My program front loads a lot (not all do this), and I was taking two substantive field (CP & AP) as well as Methods and a required social science research course, so we're pretty busy this year. For a lot of weeks, I pulled one all-nighter (or ran on 3-4 hours of sleep) per week getting my reading/Methods homework done. For me, Zoom was really, really tough. We've got two
  11. Emphasizing this (very few have publications), though with the caveat that I think having an undergraduate publication is a good signal that you can perform well in academia. Usually, the people that get published are people with institutional affiliation who are at least in grad school, but that won't hold you back at an undergrad publication of course. The issue though might be more that you will have limited networks to help you out with the writing, researching, and publication process if you aren't in a well-connected grad school. I'd say work on the paper and present at a
  12. Try to structure your SOP to cover about 3 areas that explain your research. This usually includes something related to a preferred method and a substantive area of interest or two. Feel free to mention faculty and resources at the university that will help, but spend the bulk talking about the kind of research you have done and the research questions you'd like to explore. You should be doing more "showing" than "telling" about fit; the areas you are showing interest in should make how well you fit clear.
  13. I'm not sure if there's much you can do besides show good fit. We have a couple of people who managed to do that in my program.
  14. That's more of a toss up I'd say. I think those scores are fine if you're not trying to be a Methods heavy person?
  15. I'm always willing to share mine with the caveat you use if for guidance only!
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