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  1. I'm always willing to share mine with the caveat you use if for guidance only!
  2. We have a few in my program, and I know it's viewed as beneficial in admissions. I unfortunately don't know about specific programs.
  3. I really agree with Mr_Spock2018 here. Continuity isn't an issue if you show interest and can talk clearly in your SOP about your research interests and demonstrate good fit with the department. Submit your best work; a lot of people send in writing samples that aren't related to their area of study, though it's a bit of a plus if you do. As for quant-heavy, I wouldn't worry too much, though I will mention that Rochester and NYU tend to care more about that their than peer institutions. Again, I'd focus on fit first and foremost.
  4. I think this is a competitive profile. Could be worth getting the Verbal up a bit, but this year is odd for the GRE so I understand not doing that. Overall GPA is a tad bit lower than ideal (most programs prefer 3.8+), but the Poli Sci GPA looks good. Really work on polishing/refining your SOP and writing sample and you should get some good acceptances! Good luck!
  5. I'd go with the higher verbal, middle tier (mid 160s) quant personally (that's what I had, and I had pretty good acceptances all around). In general though, those scores, especially this cycle amid COVID, won't likely keep you out anywhere.
  6. Yes, of course. My whole cohort is experiencing this. Especially went the sky literally turned orange last week.
  7. I'd consider getting an MA to up your chances of getting into a good PhD program. That way your MA gpa could be a good signal to counter your undergrad gpa.
  8. You're set to have good placement -- just be sure to get good LORs (sounds like you're set, but just give them an early head's up) and to really polish up a well-crafter SOP
  9. I agree with @Theory007 -- aim to get the quant/qual a little bit higher if you are submitting it (though it's definitely pretty good right now regardless) and aim for a few other T10 schools if they interest you! Good luck to you!
  10. I think you have a good shot. The GPA is a tad bit lower than they'd prefer, but you can make it up with other strong aspects of your application, especially a strong GRE showing and industry/MA experience. I'd say get in contact with LOR writers sooner rather than later, polish up your writing sample, and write a killer SOP early and revise often to get a nice final draft. Also, as many will echo on this forum, fit matters, so start making a spreadsheet/list of places to apply with faculty of interest. I'd suggest going through the last few years of this forum to get a gist of wha
  11. This is a great point to keep in mind. Specifically, a lot will do post-docs at good institutions so as to get TT jobs at the best of the best institutions. There are some schools that have more go this way, and if often (though not always) pays off. Additionally, it's also good to see the types of jobs people get who don't go into academia. Are the industries something you have an interest in? For me, I'm coming from tech, so Stanford has more connections there. If academia doesn't work out for me, or if I even prefer not to go that route upon PhD completion, it's good to have my foot in the
  12. Congrats! Minnesota is an awesome school with great faculty.
  13. Basically a 3.8+ is the standard for Top 10 or so, with many having 3.9+ as the ideal. You'll be 100% fine.
  14. I think that's fair too. Could be worth doing both in a calculated way: talking about what you have to say, briefly, in your SOP, and letting maybe one letter writer know your concern. If they've had a good experience with you, they could signal (without blatantly saying anything), how you're hardworking, honest, etc. All in all, while it's a blemish, I don't think it's a huge one, especially if you've grown from it and signal in your SOP that integrity in research matters to you.
  15. Could be worth having your letter writers contextualize it. Especially if it's been awhile, I think you'll still have a shot.
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