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  1. Do you mean the I-20 document? I read from https://www.ice.gov/sites/default/files/documents/Document/2020/COVID-19FAQ.pdf that electronic version is accepted due to covid-19. But at least this helps to save some dollars for speed post. it was issued after I spent $60 on postal :(.... That being said, the embassies/ consulates are still closed. I think at the current stage, we can only pray for the medical teams and people who are combating this virus, do our study at home, stay positive and hope for the best ...
  2. Hi all Im an international applicant, wait-listed at Pittsburgh, the top school in my list of applications (mostly rejections so far). Got an email from the DGS that I might be interviewed in early March. Wondering if I could get some interview advice on what to expect for interview questions, anything would be appreciated. Please DM me.Thank you so much.
  3. Hi is this a thread for all subjects' waitlisted applicant? I'm waited at Pitts (political science). Would be grateful to get some support and positive energy from others on the waitlist.
  4. Anyone know when is it appropriate to inquire for updates for waitlisted student? And what are the chances to get accepted off the waitlist for Pitts? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your reply, I have received their email asking for my official transcript yesterday, guess we received the request at about the same time. But I have not heard back since, no invitation to their graduate recruitment week >.< ....
  6. Saw a few posts on admission/invitation to campus visit to University of Florida in the result page. Congrats! I am an international applicant. Received an email from the political science dept asking for my official transcript 'to sent to the admission office'. Does anyone know if its a sign of admission? I have not received any email on invitation to campus visit .... kind of confused right now....please help. Here is some info from their application page: We may begin our assessment with unofficial transcripts, which applicants can upload with other application materials
  7. How does Brown usually announce the result please? By portal does it mean our online application form (as shown below)?
  8. I have received a generic rejection email from Boston University today.... just hoping one of the schools I applied to will accept me .... :(
  9. Saw a post on result page: rejected by Boston University via email. Anyone calming it? Has anyone else heard back from Boston University?
  10. Quite disheartened to know that..... but thank you for Ur kind words, keeping hope alive for the rest of the applications.
  11. I have applied to Pittsburgh as well, and haven't heard anything back, does it mean I am basically rejected ? oh and congrats and good luck with your interview
  12. Hi all I am applying to Pittsburgh Political Science PhD Program and saw from the 'results' section that some ppl have received interview invitations. I haven't heard anything back yet..... Anyone in the same situation? I wonder does it mean I am basically rejected. 😨
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