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  1. Anyone waiting for Rutgers still? My profile still says no decision...
  2. Still nothing here either... seems like waitlist and acceptances went out.
  3. Is anyone claiming the Rutgers acceptance or waitlist? My application still says no decision
  4. official rejection rejection from Penn was just sent out.
  5. Claiming unofficial rejection from Penn. Got an email from a professor I’ve been hoping to work with and have been in contact with for a while. Super super upset since Penn happens to be such an excellent fit for my niche interest and I am geographically bound to this area due to kids. Apparently it was a really competitive year.
  6. Spoke to a coordinator at Rutgers, and we will hopefully hear next week.
  7. Did anyone else hear from Penn? Crossing my fingers that they are not done sending out acceptances
  8. Congratulations! I’m also CP. no email from Penn... so I’m guessing now news is bad news in this case...
  9. Same... full out panicking here 😅 UPenn is my top choice.
  10. I haven’t heard anything yet 😔 did anyone else receive an email from Upenn?
  11. Has anyone heard anything from either Upenn or Rutgers?
  12. I just got accepted to three schools I was rejected from twice. Don’t give up hope. Get some additional work experience and apply again if it’s something you really want to pursue. good luck!
  13. I’ve been there too. This is my third(!) time applying for PhD programs. I applied straight out of undergrad and the following year, didn’t get accepted. So I took a break from applying and got some work experience directly related to what I now want to research. This time around, I’ve had a lot more luck. I’m only applying to 5 schools, and so far, I have been accepted with funding to 3 and still waiting for two. I know it may seem tough with the rejections now, but I hope I can give you some hope that even if you don’t get in this year, you won’t have less of a chance in the future.
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