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  1. Yes, that is the problem...
  2. No, I would not go without funding. Yes, if both students accept, they cannot give me funding. My situation depends on their decision I already have a funded offer from another school but, the school that I am waiting is my best choice. If that school gives funding I will change my decision. I emailed DGS too much I guess. She told me she would give an answer on Monday or Tuesday but she did not, and I emailed her on Tuesday and still, she did not reply. So I understand that she may wait for the two students for their decisions. It seems that two students are their best students and they really want to have them, that is why they give such an extension after April 15. That is my judgment. Or she just waits me to give up to wait for the funding. Anyway, I hope the waiting game ends this week.
  3. Hey! I am still waiting for a funding package from a university. (They were accepted me but waitlisted for funding) DGS told me that they were waiting to hear from two students who were considering their funding packages. So it seems, in order to receive fund, one of those students has to decline the offer. BUT how can a school wait for so long (2 weeks) after April 15 from a student? And how can a student wait for so long to give a decision? DGS told me last week she will inform me either on Monday or Tuesday, which we already past. I emailed her on Tuesday and she has not replied. I do not know what to do, and I am really tired of waiting. What do you think guys, anyone has the same situation?
  4. Hi, Did you get any news for funding?
  5. My situation is also the same. They accepted but waiting for funding.
  6. Hi, Thank you for your comments. I may be in the same situation in the next a few days. I have accepted an funded offer (School A) on April 15. But I also got an offer from School B where waitlisted for a funding package, which I would prefer to go to. Because I could not risk my chance of School A while waiting for School B for funding, I accepted A. School B still has not returned me yet, (I emailed them yesterday). They may not have a fund for me but what if they provide a funding package too late. I hope they notify me in this week. It seems the process of accepting/declining is almost over. If they say "we do not have a fund for you" then it would be OK since I guaranteed school A. If they have funding for me, then I have to find a way to decline the school A. What is the safe way to do decline A and accept B? I mean should I fırst accept B then decline A? or Should I first decline/email A and learned their attitude toward my decision then accept B? By the way, what is deposit? how does it relate to declining an offer?
  7. Hi my situation is also exactly this.
  8. But can they give extra time even if the official scholarship letter states as deadline for April 15th?
  9. S-Kyo

    Accept Offer and Decline Later

    Hi, I already had a funded offer. (school A) Today I receive another offer from a school (school B.) but I am still in a waitlist for funding. They told me that they cannot give more information about funding package before April 15th. School A said that they can give extra time if I need but their official scholarship letter states the deadline for accepting offer is April 15th. Should I rely on the official scholarship letter or a staff/professor’s mail? I want to go to school B but I also do not want to risk my funded offer(School A). What if I accept School A because of the April 15th rule, then decline School A if I receive funding from School B?
  10. S-Kyo

    Let’s just TALK about it...

    If I don't get any news from a university waitlisted me should I wait for the weekend to accept a offer from another school? DGS office would not work on weekend right?
  11. Any Delaware rejections planned?
  12. S-Kyo

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Congratulations! I also have a funded offer from another school, but I would rather go to Delaware if they accept/fund me. I do not know how they deal with waitlist in Delaware but let's see. Fingers crossed I hope they give an answer before April because I want to respond another school. Thank you.
  13. S-Kyo

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    I hope you receive an offer that funded. Thank you. I am waitlisted both for admission and funding.
  14. S-Kyo

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Delaware waitlisted. If you have offer from Delaware but will go to another school can you decline Delaware offer? Thank you
  15. S-Kyo

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    As I said, I felt that I will get a news today. So, I am rejected by Concordia University (Canada).

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