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  1. Hey guys, one of my friend who is supposed to start her phd in philosophy in a US university, received a news that her program will defer 2020 admissions to 2021. She normally received fully funded offer but now that is the situation she is in. I was wondering if something would happen in our field, political science. Is this decision of the department or the university? I think that seems a department decision, but I am not sure. Do you guys think this is a unique case or we may see such decisions from other universities or departments?
  2. Can I assume that I am going to be rejected in Georgetown at this point? Has anyone get rejected from GU?
  3. I did not see waitlists posted as well. Finger crossed! At least, I hope we are waitlisted.
  4. So far I did not see a rejection from GU on the survey. I guess they sent all acceptances. Can we say that we are going to receive rejection those who are still waiting from GU?
  5. Nothing from Georgetown yet. I hope it does not mean rejection.
  6. Does anyone know anything about Maryland-College Park? Supposed to release results around this week. Any insight from the department/friends/POIs?
  7. It will be another silent day. I guess professors (adcomms) have classes to teach in the first couple of days of weeks, and do not have time to meet and discuss applications. (Just guessing) I still have not heard about 5 schools, which are supposed to send the results last week (based on last year's results survey). Waiting is killing me.
  8. So I guess, the week is over. No more official letters from department until monday, but at least, POIs can still email us in case they admit us. Should we wait news during weekends?
  9. Can we say that Boston College CP subfield are not out given the acceptance and rejection posted are for theory?
  10. Sorry, I did not add it: I have not heard anything.
  11. Any claim for Boston College? Which sub-field? I also applied for BC. Mine is CP.
  12. I also applied for Rutgers (CP subfield). They usually inform around late Feb.
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