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  1. Should we expect to hear about waitlist status today?
  2. Has anyone gotten on the waitlist at NYU? Do we know if they have an official waitlist this year?
  3. is harvard a done deal then if we havent heard anything by now?
  4. Thank you, that's very helpful. Even though I've never even reached out to any POIs beforehand haha
  5. To all of you who've gotten on the waitlist at these top universities -- is there anything one could do at this stage to increase chances of admission? Like, do I let them know that I've been rejected everywhere except for the waitlist spots, or would that end up hurting my chances of negotiating a better funding package in the long run without actually helping my chances of getting of the waitlist?
  6. I might be blind but I don't see anyone claiming a Govt Phd admit from Harvard on the results page?
  7. has anyone gotten formal rejections from UCLA and/or NYU yet? aka is there still hope?
  8. is that true though or just them saying that? (not doubting you but rather wondering if others wanna weigh in with their opinions)
  9. How do you guys go about reputation/ranking of international school and/or assessing the likelihood that an MA at school X will help with Ph.D. apps in the future? I'm currently looking at Amsterdam, LSE, and a few other programs for comparative politics, but I have no clue how I'm supposed to know if these schools are reputable (I know LSE is but every other school, not so much)
  10. Has anyone gotten on NW's waitlist yet? i saw a weird post on the results page but I don't trust anything on there..
  11. Has anyone gotten a rejection from UCLA or NYU yet?
  12. Exactly! Also makes me wonder if there's anything we can do at this point to show our commitment to the school?
  13. To those rejected from UChicago (this includes me), did everybody's application get forwarded to either CIR or MAPSS? How tough is the competition for these programs do you think?
  14. How many of you all are planning on applying next cycle? Do you think the competition will be similarly horrible?
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