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  1. TiKei

    2018-2019 Application Thread

    were you wait listed and got the rejection now or?
  2. After reading, I think I'd set (your) the priorities as: (1) Duke; (2); and (3) PSU. And for the record, I am not going to get into any of those uni s so there's no waitlist bias on my part. p.s. your worst case scenario should be flipping a coin between the two top options! Good luck either way.
  3. I'm not sure how helpful you'd find this but... as I read what you wrote I had a feeling you truly do prefer department A over department B. I pretty much felt you're telling me that you'd be an overall happier person if you were in department A. But perhaps this dilemma of missing out the other option, which is also very attractive for you, stops you from seeing it clearly. Ask yourself if what I wrote here actually makes sense or if I'm completely wrong. It might help you make your mind up. I mean, I attended last APSA and I spoke with quite a few professors who ended up telling me how unhappy they were while working on their dissertation (some even confessed they did not like their dissertation by the time they finished it just because they had to change it so much from their original idea, etc.). So I, personally, as one who believes a happy person is not only happier but more productive and better capable of crafting his/her own future, I'd say go to where you believe you'd be happier at. Anyhow, best of wishes.
  4. TiKei

    2018-2019 Application Thread

    Honestly, I was fortunate enough to get an awesome collaboration going about two years ago with an American Prof. I've never met until last summer (when I came to present our research in APSA, Boston). This luckily ended up with a research grant on such an awesome project that I simply don't mind waiting for answers. I'm super busy! But I'd sure appreciate at least one acceptance... I truly only need one! (applied only to uni.s. that I'd love to be at)... The thought of another cycle is just disgusting!
  5. TiKei

    2018-2019 Application Thread

    Hi. Just as I was reading this.. puff- (1) Inbox... Alas, another rejection... [edit: just so we're clear-- a rejection from Northwestern!] Best wishes~
  6. TiKei

    2018-2019 Application Thread

    Any Human Rights lawyer here? I feel like Northwestern's response time equals to psychological torture. X_X
  7. TiKei

    2018-2019 Application Thread

    In short: https://academicpositions.com/career-advice/the-best-questions-to-ask-during-a-phd-interview?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=organic+post&fbclid=IwAR1zF2QfWxME9pjfmO7azSLLVgNTtmB6vzUkr2cg8ypV3zZxKHkSqQDXI6Y

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