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  1. I emailed Rutgers today and they told me I was on the waitlist. They only are taking 6-7 people and don't expect anyone to drop though so likely won't get picked up. Just FYI for anyone waiting.
  2. Just got put on the "short waitlist" at CUNY with invitation to admitted students day- will anyone be denying acceptance??? Anybody have any idea how their waitlist works? Already live in Manhattan and would LOVE to go there.
  3. So you didn't get an official acceptance? Just a letter asking you to come to visit day? When is visit day?
  4. I just had a missed call from a NYC number. Looked it up and it was from CUNY. I called them back and they said they have no idea why I have a missed call and they don't call pending applicants. Disappointing... yet, mysterious.
  5. I applied to CUNY, Rutgers and Brown... I expect Brown any day and Rutgers mid Feb and CUNY in March. LONG wait left. Also still waiting on Cornell, Columbia, Yale and The New School.
  6. Dwar you got in to CU??? WOOHOO!!! Excited to hear that! Two years of this and it paid off! My fingers are crossed I get similar news - I can't possibly come back a third year.
  7. I just received my rejection from Northwestern. Super bummed - it was my #1 and I networked the hell out of the department. They emailed me to check website- I applied for CP.
  8. I actually think the northwestern admits are accurate. They often put very little weight on the GRE and a good GPA from a good school goes a long way (which the previous low GRE post had). A lot of people don't know about this forum and only check the results page which is why people have conversations on there instead of here. Last year they came in one wave about the third week of Jan too. I hope I am wrong - but I have lost a bit of hope at this point.
  9. This is best asked on the 2019-2020 application thread. There are about nine pages of discussion regarding acceptances and what schools are posting when.
  10. Yes! We are back again this year Dwar. I was finishing grad school at Columbia last year and OBSESSED about getting in somewhere because I forgot what life was like without school and didn't know what else I could possibly do. Now, fortunately, I am making quite a bit of money, traveling for work, writing, and teaching back at Columbia. I would love to get into a program but feel equally satisfied with the direction life is going and am realizing that I can do a lot of things without a PhD that I thought I needed a PhD for... imagine that. Best of luck to everyone!
  11. Last year I was rejected from all eight schools that I applied to. It was horrible. Good news, if that happens, it makes the second time around less stressful! I am nowhere near as obsessive this year as I was last year and it gave me time to make my application that much better. We still have a long ways to go - hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
  12. They could also be in Asia and actually received the call on the 23rd.
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