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  1. CUNY has emailed me with a rejection to the PhD program and an acceptance to the MA program. Obviously it's not everything I wanted, but I will be entering this program in hopes of better positioning myself for future PhD applications. Thank you to everyone for the support during this cycle.
  2. I just got an email from CUNY saying I've been waitlisted. I have otherwise struck out, so if you got an accept and don't want to go, please reject. This was my number one choice.
  3. JT at CU Boulder confirmed for me that I am on an unofficial waitlist. I pretty much already knew this, but it is nice to have a degree of certainty regarding something about this process.
  4. It is my birthday today, and while I am not asking for acceptances, I am asking for no rejections, at minimum.
  5. Sending those 🔮 Marianne Mindset 🔮 good vibes your way.
  6. So my POI at Rutgers got #MeToo'd and retired right before I submitted my application. Am I totally boned there or what?
  7. Feel free to message me, if you need to vent or anything. I feel like a little whiny airing out my woes publicly like this, but the DMs are for crying. ❤️
  8. My struggle with processing these rejections/waiting is that the process is so obscure to the average person. I come from a working class background, so my family doesn't get it. My mother, for example, has no idea what to say to me. My adviser has recently been promoted to Chair, and she's become distant as a result. My friends and boyfriend aren't really interested in graduate school, so their response is sympathetic but unsatisfying. I feel so alone in this.
  9. Just got my JHU rejection. I'm going to stay in today. Happy Valentine's Day.
  10. Same. Still nothing from five of my schools and a rejection from one.
  11. Thank you to everyone for the kind words. I'm also a bit sick, so my mood is low. Positive thoughts from here on out.
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