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  1. In my view, no need to retake. Focus on other parts of your file instead. Yet, throw your net as broad as you can: the competition this year will be hellish!
  2. Hello guys, Michigan State University granted its foreign Ph.D. students an opportunity to study and receive stipend remotely during the Fall 2020 semester.
  3. Toronto is awesome! I wish I could study at MSU and live in Toronto!...:)
  4. I live in close proximity to Toronto. Honestly, I have not checked yet. It seems it does not make any sense until May...
  5. Yep...Austin is almost a paradise in comparison to East Lansing in Winter... I'd add UT Austin is a better brand but MSU is definitely on the rise for recent years. However, I'm afraid MSU, due to its location, might lose some stellar faculty members in upcoming years - a factor to consider too.
  6. I chose MSU among other options (top 3 in Canada, top 30 and top 50 in the USA). Their placement record for recent years is solid; they are a small program with an almost nonexistent attrition rate. Particularly, MSU is strong in the CP and AP fields. It is not a super-top program, of course, but it is really good. Honestly, Austin is a fantastic place to live in. However, looking at recent placements, I'd choose MSU. Though, of course, I'm a bit biased since I have already chosen MSU
  7. Congrats and good luck in your further pursuits!
  8. Today I received my I-20 form (I'm a foreigner) from Michigan State University along with a good amount of extra money in the form of a fellowship. The Department has been in touch and helpful to me during all this trying time. So everything is fine at MSU.
  9. Canadian MA POLS programs are strong. However, their grading policies are brutal (at least in Ontario). So, keep it in mind.
  10. Top-3 Canadian universities, with a considerable margin, are staffed with people holding US degrees, not necessarily from CHYMPS. For instance, four (!) faculty members at UBC obtained their Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota. One TT is from Brandeis. Almost the same tendency is traceable in U o T and McGill.
  11. Johns Hopkins or Georgetown vs U o T or UBC?... Well, this is disputable. I hold an MA degree from a reputable University located in Ontario. Our Graduate Coordinator once mentioned they would give preference to applicants who graduated from US schools (mostly due to training in methods).
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