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  1. PROFILEType of Undergrad Institution: State School (R2)Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science and Economics Undergrad GPA: 4.0Type of Grad: N/AGrad GPA: N/AGRE: didn't take Any Special Courses: lots of quant background, even though my subfield and speciality don't require much (or any) quant. Letters of Recommendation: extremely good. All three are professors that worked/supervised me for years. Teaching Experience: Not a TA position, but similar teaching capacities/responsibilities at the undergraduate level Other: research conference presentations, thesis, research grants RESULTSAccepta
  2. Congrats on the Cornell acceptances everyone!! When were they received?
  3. Nope! A couple people that I know just got a standard rejection letter! You can see on the MAPSS and CIR website how many apps they get as well! (It is clear then that not all apps are forwarded).
  4. +++on the last part! Some schools have established stipends (through the graduate school) that you can easily see online. I'm not so sure such departments would increase stipends if they are in line with the established amount.
  5. Based on past years' data, Uchicago rejections come some time later. Berkeley rejections should come a couple of days after acceptances (I'd say end of this week)
  6. Claiming Umich Theory!! The email is from the DGS. Beyond happy especially after Princeton earlier today! Best of luck to everyone
  7. On Umich's website, it says decisions will be out in the first week of February...guess they're behind on schedule. Northwestern used to release decisions in january, so they're def behind.
  8. look up the supervisors posted. It's a troll post same for the BU one above it.
  9. They need to delete that Berkeley troll post too lol
  10. Heard the same as well (the bit about Theory) from someone in the department. Very disappointing indeed if true.
  11. It is one of the most competitive programs unfortunately. We should all hope for the best, but a rejection from a top 3 program hardly means you're unqualified/unprepared for grad school (and maybe this is me just telling myself that to feel less anxious). Best of luck to all today and these coming three weeks!!
  12. Yeah guys keep in mind it's not common to interview for the vast majority of PhDs in US political science programs! There are some schools that have held interviews for years (OSU, UW-Madison), and those will most probably continue with having interviews this year. As for the others, it is unlikely they will start having interviews this year.
  13. Congrats to the Northwestern admits!! Any theory admits?
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