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  1. Dear friends of GradCafé, I have a friend who is a shy lurker of this forum and she has a question that I thought would be best put to the community here. She's looking into applying for spots in master's programmes with affordable tuition rates in Continental Europe and Latin America (or anywhere in the world where she would not be charged American or even British style tuition). The problem is that some of these applications all require a completed undergrad degree and she is only finishing hers by early August. That said, she did not start looking into MA programmes to start in the Fal
  2. I think this is an excellent question to which I do not really know the answer. My instinct tells me that it can be a potentially useful asset if you have no prior exposure to calculus or stats AND your intended field of study is not pure (non-formal) theory. However, in any case, I believe that overdoing this is not a good use of your time (which for most people is a scarce resource). I know December looks far away but actually it is not! I think most people would not, for example, give a coursera certificate even nearly as much weight as they would to a regular class with a letter grad
  3. Hello! I actually don't think this should be too much of an issue as long as you have finished the entire coursework of your master's and had your dissertation delivered in accordance with the MA programme's deadlines and regulations. Usually the sine qua non condition for beginning a PhD in America is that your undergrad is finished. Just make sure to check with your PhD school's graduate enrolment if everything is okay and explain your situation in detail. I don't think they will cause you further problems but it's always good to make sure of it
  4. Hello and welcome to GadCafé. I suspect the forum is less active than usual after each admissions cycle ends and before the next one starts. I am as far away from normative political theory as one could possibly be, and I unfortunately do not know many theorists. However, one of the moderators seems to be a theory person @Theory007. I leave the user mentioned here
  5. So did mine! My app got forwarded to a master's programme that is neither MAPSS nor CIR.
  6. Right now my head is trying (way too) hard to create a narrative to fit this data
  7. Anyone who still hasn't heard anything back from Chicago? My portal page doesn't seem to have been updated at all...
  8. In my opinion it's an excellent school. Most of the people I know in the department there are quite quantitative as well
  9. Just got a notification to access the Duke portal and honestly I cannot find the words to describe how I feel! Luckily, there is a chorus that more or less conveys the gist of it!
  10. Hello, thank you for posting this question here. I think it is quite an important one as we do these visits virtually in the coming weeks/months. I would add the following to the previous answer: 1. As much as this may seem minor, if you have any questions regarding the coursework and curriculum of the first few years, you should feel free to ask them. 2. 2nd to 4th year students in general are excellent people for you to ask questions about the programme. 3. Getting a feel for the "vibe" of the grad student and department community is indeed quite important. You'll likely be t
  11. Also claiming an acceptance at Rochester! I'm truly speechless! This is one of my very top choices!!! Let the celebration bells ring!!!! Field: Formal Theory/IR
  12. Now that you said it, I noticed it's acting weird when I use chrome. But with Safari it logs in ok. Have you tried it?
  13. Also, just to make sure I'm not missing out on any details here. The acceptance claimed in the forum for NYU is an informal one, correct? Just knowing whether we can have any hopes still
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