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  1. Second the above. I've seen folks on this forum get into NYU with 163Q or so, but if those are your dream schools and you really want to be safe, you should aim for the 90th percentile (at least 166 or 167).
  2. It's possible the lack of GREs might have hurt you last year. Since your scores are very good (esp. quant) and the rest of your profile is too, I'd say it makes sense to apply to a similar range of schools to the one you did last year. You should definitely have a shot at schools in the top 20-30 or even above that. Of course, it all depends on how strong your SOP, letters, and writing sample are.
  3. It's fairly common for people from different backgrounds to do PhDs in Political Science, I don't think you should worry too much about this. Try to make it clear on your SoP that you're familiar with the field and know what you're getting yourself into. It's probably also helpful if some of your recommenders are political scientists and if your writing sample is directly related to what you want to study.
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