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  1. Has anyone on the waitlist heard anything from MIT?
  2. I am confused by the timing for waitlist movement as it has been communicated by universities. Some schools have said that they make many offers to waitlisted folks after April 15 and even as late as early June. How would this work? Do people accept an offer on April 15 and then back out after the deadline if they get an waitlist admit? Or does admission off of the waitlist after April 15 end up only "helping" people who (a) didn't get in elsewhere or (b) gambled and didn't accept an offer?
  3. I believe there is too much variation to infer a pattern about timing. I don't have any insight about how departments time decisions/notifications, but I think there are some things to consider about waitlists that have helped me manage expectations... In many cases, someone declining an offer does not lead to someone being accepted off the waitlist. It is important to remember that most schools already have "built-in" alternates before they even consider the waitlist. Since schools generally have an idea that 1 in 2 or 1 in 4, etc. will accept the offer, they admit students accordingly.
  4. Now that it seems that the CHYMPS offers are all or mostly out, I'm wondering how many people got offers at multiple tip-top schools. Some posters have clearly claimed acceptances at top schools amidst many other rejections, so now I'm wondering if anyone here has "swept." Also, if you don't want to out yourself, feel free to dm me because I'd love to know about your experience and what drove your success
  5. Anyone care to make the same speculations about Harvard?
  6. I second @afjackie. Also, it may be in part because these programs are so well resourced and highly respected that they can afford to "take a year off" or scale back to be sure that funding and other resources (time) are best allocated. They can prioritize current students and make sure the program is in order without taking a lasting hit to their reputation or future interest in their program - people will always be interested in a Cornell, Columbia, UPenn, UNC, etc. degree, so they likely won't be dinged long-term for being cautious for a year or two.
  7. Has anyone contacted Stanford or been in touch with a POI?
  8. I'm wondering this too... and I've received highly mixed advice. On one hand, we don't want to leave anything on the table (and we especially don't want to do that if imposter syndrome is telling us to just be thankful for getting in at all). On the other hand, it's my understanding that schools have very rigid packages and will not offer different students different funding as a matter of policy.
  9. I agree that it’s too early to say one way or the other - but I’m also speculating that high GRE scores are less “rewarded.” I had high scores and have had success at schools that required them and rejections at schools that did not, with the exceptions of a few that were great fits.
  10. Also claiming WUSTL! And, I confirm what @aae322 says - email came about 10 minutes after @NeedaMormon shared.
  11. Admitted student (virtual) visits are right around the corner! What is your advice for making the most out of the admit visits? In particular, what questions have you asked or will you ask to get helpful insights into the program? I know it's so important to ascertain the vibe of the department, the happiness of current grad students, the mentorship style of POIs, the availability of additional resources and funding for research, etc. Yet, I'm not sure how to best probe about those topics in a way that will encourage both grad students and faculty to share honest and useful information.
  12. I am hoping for Duke and Berkeley next week. WUSTL also said that their goal--contingent on number of applicants--was to notify applicants by the first week of February. With a presumed uptick due to covid, I'm hoping that the second week of February will be the week we hear. I don't think it'd be crazy to hear from Chicago either.
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