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  1. Has anyone heard from Wisconsin-Madison? I think they usually send out interviews by the second week of Jan (at least for the past 3 years), but no one on this forum has claimed an interview this year.
  2. I sent to the institution code 3514 and the department code 1902 (according to https://polisci.mit.edu/graduate/faq ). Have no idea what is going on but guess I'll just wait and see if their admissions staff would contact me.
  3. Thanks! This is so weird. I am worried that they might have not received my scores, but the score status page said "You should not contact the department if scores do not appear."
  4. Hi everyone! For those who have applied to MIT, I was wondering if your official test scores are displayed on the Test Score Status page. I have submitted my scores a long time ago but I still can't see them.
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