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  1. @Theory007 I appreciate the candid response. Actually the profile is different than the last cycle beyond just the MA. The writing sample used last year was admittedly subpar and I was frustrated I was not able to use my thesis but it was still not done at the time. I am now ready to use it as a writing sample and I believe it will be a substantial improvement. I am also replacing one of the letter writers from last year with somebody who can submit a more personal and positive letter. As for the SOP, it is being reworked from the ground up. I think there were some problems with it last year t
  2. Hi everybody! I am on round 2 of PhD apps. I graduated a year ago but decided to pursue an MA after getting shut out of PhD apps last cycle (except for an offer with no funding). I plan to focus on international relations with a specific focus on military effectiveness, conventional war, and civil-military relations. I am wondering if my chances will have changed much from last year now that I am working on an MA and COVID has sort of moved along. I would like to know what you all think. Thanks for taking a look! Undergrad: 3.73 GPA, special honors in the major and magna cum laude. Major
  3. My feelings exactly. Such a relief to have this.
  4. Nope, they said I could expect an email with funding info in the near future.
  5. Just got an acceptance to CIR! Was in an email about 45 minutes ago with other info to come.
  6. Claiming MIT reject via email just now. Still waiting on UCLA and Georgetown but I think they have already sent out admits so that closes out PhDs for me. Congrats to all those who got in during this brutal cycle!
  7. I heard at around 11:15 central. They seem to be releasing funding offers slowly over the last couple days.
  8. Just a generic rejection, they got 600ish applicants or something. Very boilerplate.
  9. Yeah I'm not totally sure. I think I'll still go just in case I get funding even though I doubt its coming. I had also been really looking forwards to it but this sure throws some cold water onto it.
  10. Cornell rejection here, also just heard back that OSU put me on their funding wait list. Bummer. Was thinking I was safe with the OSU acceptance. Anybody know when we can expect to hear back from MIT?
  11. Claiming a UCSD reject. Fingers crossed for Berkeley to come soon.
  12. Stanford, Chicago, MIT, Berkeley, UCSD, UCLA, Cornell, Georgetown, Duke, Madison, OSU
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