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  1. Seems like the rankings stayed stable for a lot of programs. Any surprises for those of you that are more in touch with the discipline?
  2. Yes! Plenty of posters here are in IR and you can find results, advice, etc. on this forum.
  3. I totally and completely agree with you but this thread will be useful for those people that aren’t interested in quant methods. They may be looking for programs with more diversity in their methods departments and that’s valid.
  4. I haven’t heard anything back. I imagine with the acceptances and waitlists posted here a while ago - and that we’re well behind the timeline they gave us for admissions - we’re waiting for rejections.
  5. What are the schools that seem to have just missed the AP subfield list?
  6. I know they were running a bit behind schedule but is there any hope Vanderbilt isn’t done sending acceptances? Or do I look silly having Vanderbilt listed as pending in my signature.
  7. are you saying this as general advice or do they lose a lot of professors at FSU?
  8. I’m hopeful we get good news but I just can’t justify betting on it at this point. Feels like they gave us a cop out answer
  9. I didn’t interview with them and my subfield is American politics and political behavior. They reached out to me last Wednesday.
  10. It would be more productive to put work into improving your LORs, SOP, writing sample, or connecting with POIs. Those are great scores and won’t put you at a disadvantage anywhere. Even improving to perfect scores probably won’t better your application as much as improving the other aspects of it.
  11. Their website indicates 320 to 375 in a regular year so it’s interesting that a top program like Michigan didn’t get the huge (greater than double) boost in applications that other universities did.
  12. Would you recommend an unfunded masters over transferring phd programs?
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