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  1. With silence from Harvard, I think its safe to presume my cycle is over. A big thank you to everyone on this forum that made this community such a great place for support and info over these past few months. Best of luck to those still waiting on results. Congratulations to everyone, we should be proud of our efforts regardless of the outcomes as this was a crazy ride.
  2. I'm seeing two from yesterday, both methods.
  3. Can anyone who applied strictly to the Harvard gov program claim any of the admits in the results page?
  4. Important caveat: I'm not AP so I don't want to name schools based on my perception, but I'll share my logic on how I put together my CP list based on feedback on this topic. I imagine all schools in T25 that aren't boutique or explicitly not focused on AP (rare) could be contenders to climb into ranked subfield spots sometime over the course of the next five years. I just don't think these subfield rankings mean much compared to what you and your recommenders think is best for you when we are talking about the rank differential OP is dealing with. Hope this is helpful despite the lack of
  5. Have you been admitted or are you asking for next year? If its the former, I would honestly just set up calls with your recommenders and run your options by them. My sense is that rankings mean less the smaller the differential, and things like differences in teaching responsibilities, stipend amount, life stuff will matter more at this stage than any perceived differences in prestige once we're talking within tier (CHYMPS/T15/T25/T50). This is especially true if you are comparing schools lower on the subfield list (Vanderbilt/OSU/WUSTL) and schools that could easily make it on said list next
  6. PROFILEType of Undergrad Institution: Private University on East Coast, Top 50Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science and Area Studies, with Minor in Language Undergrad GPA: 3.7Type of Grad: M.A. in Area Studies Grad GPA: 4.00GRE: Q 162/ V 170/ AW 6.0Any Special Courses: Two graduate level stats coursesLetters of Recommendation: 1 Full Prof from Undergrad; 1 Associate Prof from Grad; 1 Assistant Prof from Grad Teaching Experience: N/AOther: 1+ year of graduate RA work; 2 years of Professional Research work; 1 conference presentation; Fluency/Proficiency in two languages relevant to research
  7. No interview at Yale, I don't remember seeing anyone invited but I could be wrong.
  8. Anyone have the inside scoop on the Harvard timeline? Hoping it comes this week but the data shows it could technically be early next week...
  9. Rejected at Stanford too. Hoping for a swift response from Harvard to officially declare the end of my cycle.
  10. It looks like we can expect it sometime late next week given past release dates--have you been in touch with anyone that said it might come sooner?
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