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  1. Finally, receiving NYU decisions... got rej from the PhD program, but an offer in the so-called "pre-PhD track M.A." program w/ half tuition scholarship. Will decline it.
  2. I applied to SAIS PhD too but no update yet. My friend said SAIS will release decisions around March 26.
  3. Congrats on your offers! As a SAIS alumna, I'd say it's a great school in terms of community vibe, location, alumni networks, reputation, and research (esp. Middle East studies and security studies). One should not take the cliche as granted, because they really are the strengths of SAIS. You will be more familiar with the process of finding a job in the US government as there are a bunch of other comrades sharing similar interests and career plans with you. SAIS Career Office is a great resource you should make good use of, and the staffs there are very experienced of mentoring students for a
  4. Claiming Tufts - the Fletcher School (IR) rejection. Email notification to check portal.
  5. Happy Friday everyone! Does any one know when the decisions of Tufts will be released? Also anyone got any funding package from Georgetown?
  6. Hey all! Have a tricky question, which i'm not sure if anyone encountered before. I actually have two virtual visits with one day overlapped. Any tips on how to manage the time conflict issue? I don't think either univ is gonna change the tentative schedule as there are many stakeholders (faculty member, prospective students, current PhDs, etc.) involved.
  7. Anyone claiming Yale acceptance? Saw one on the result page who got an email from POI today (Sat EST). Not sure if it's real.
  8. Claiming Stanford GSB rejection. Portal said there're over 800 applicants - way too crazy!
  9. Nah, I guess funding packages will be in the emails next week
  10. Claiming Georgetown (IR sub) acceptance. POI called me this noon, indicating there are two admits in IR this cycle. Total applicants are over 500. Decisions likely to be released next week. Fingers crossed for everyone else then!
  11. Got a personalized congrats email from my POI in Berkeley after acceptance from the department yesterday. My POI said the applicant pool is twice the size of that in normal years. So just wanna say IT IS a competitive year, but don't lose hope or count yourself down if you haven't heard anything positive until now. I'm not sure about Berkeley's timeline to release all decisions, maybe miracles will happen eventually - who knows!
  12. Claiming UC Berkeley offer, IR sub. Congrats to all who got admitted!
  13. Claiming BU IR rejection. Got an email around 3:09pm, no update on my portal
  14. Anyone heard any news about BU IR subtrack?
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