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  1. If students are funded but decline the place, does their funding get reallocated to other students who did not receive funding?
  2. If students are funded but decline the place, is their funding reallocated to other students who did not receive funding? This is specifically in relation to SIPA, but examples from any other schools would be helpful too.
  3. For people who received money, did it specify what it was? For example, a specific fellowship/scholarship etc.? I applied to the International Fellows Program, and so curious about whether those have been released or whether it's just the SIPA only funding
  4. Hi! I applied early January and heard back last week
  5. Hello hello! Reaching out into the ether to ask who else has been admitted to Columbia's MA in Political Science program and to see whether we can get a conversation going!
  6. @Georgetown admits, has anyone heard anything back since submitting the open day form? It's round the corner, but I haven't heard anything more
  7. I'm in pretty much exactly the same position as you (Columbia MA and Cambridge MPhil offers), so can't really give much advice other than that I have the same dilemma! I'm leaning towards Columbia because I'd like to pursue a PhD in the US and think it sets me up better for that, but think it might make more sense to wait a year after the MA before applying (i.e. not apply this summer). One question I have is that I thought Fulbright meant that you had to return to your home country straight after you complete your course because of the two year home residency requirement. Does that jeop
  8. Thanks for this! A question I have for the group regards point 3: to contact faculty or not to contact faculty? I am not from the US so am not sure about the customs there regarding reaching out to faculty during the applications process. I'd be grateful if people could share their thoughts and experiences of this. It has struck me that a lot of admits on this forum and the results page have first heard about it from their 'POIs'. To those who reached out: did you find this made a difference? How so? When did you reach out? To those who didn't: I'd also be very grateful to hear your thou
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