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  1. Gave me an extra $10k for a total of $35K. I guess their offer can't compete against HKS and Yale's offer. Looks like it's off to HKS for me!
  2. Yep, my grant and stipend both showed up.
  3. See my signature. Yale Jackson gave me full funding. HKS full funding for the first year but still on the hook for a third semester. Will try to negotiate or explore other funding options. I submitted a scholarship recon form to Harris just today, leveraging my offers from other schools. I guess can't hurt to try and see how they respond.
  4. Ditto. Got more aid at other schools (Harvard and Yale) so not likely to go to Harris unless I don't get into Wharton/MIT/Yale for my MBA program. (Join/concurrent degree applicant)
  5. Has anyone submitted a scholarship reconsideration form to Harris yet? I just wanted to make sure that the extra aid I ask for is reasonable (in that form). Did you know anyone who got a full scholarship (tuition + direct fees + stipend)? I admit I got competitive offers from Harvard MPP and Yale Jackson's MA that offered way much more aid than Harris did. However, I'm still interested in the possibility of going to Booth/Harris if other MBA programs don't work out. Someone else said "I have heard the max is $45k but that could be wrong."
  6. I'm in Italy and I didn't get any magazine. I got into HKS and got a CPL fellowship.
  7. In the same situation. For full ride for this coming year at HKS. Although I'm on the hook for a third semester at HKS as a concurrent degree seeker, but planning on applying to external scholarships and find other sources of funding. I'll love if others can chime in about HKS vs. Yale Jackson, and bonus points if you did HKS/Wharton or HKS/MIT Sloan.
  8. The acceptance letter said the classes will be in-person for this fall.
  9. For those who were CPL finalist, did you see any award letter in your MYFIN portal? For me, I'm not seeing anything that could be for me though I did get an email saying CPL will notify me directly if I win a fellowship or not.
  10. Congrats on getting into MIT Sloan! I hope you will come to love MIT just as I did (I went to MIT undergrad). Chin up and re-apply in your first year. You still got another chance! Ditto here. Got rejected from HBS as well.
  11. Likely email. Def wait until you hear from all schools - maybe that school could give you the most aid and you use it as your leverage.
  12. Hrmm, this appears to be from a grant rather than aid from a school. I'm not sure how they view this when you negotiate with them. Anyone got thoughts on this?
  13. Don't be embarrassed! There's no shame in asking for more aid. If everyone else is doing it, so you can as well!
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