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  1. I've had a few test dates cancelled on me by Proctor U. I don't think this solution is really conducive to test taking. It feels very poorly planned and very badly executed. There are a lot of good graduate programs waiving the GRE this cycle, and I believe given the circumstances that seems prudent. Even if I can agree a test date with Proctor U, I'm also concerned about consistent internet connectivity. I'm an American expatriate and frequently travel to places where my internet connectivity comes by way of a mobile device. Even in hotels where I have stayed, internet connectivity is u
  2. It certainly seems like the committee is open to examining the GRE requirement. This is an excerpt from the HKS admission blog dated July 7, 2020. "We are aware that testing agencies have changed the delivery of exams in response to COVID-19, but even so, some applicants face barriers that did not exist in the past. Rest assured that as soon as the Committees set policy for the coming year, the details will be shared on this blog and on the application requirements portion of our website. "
  3. Someone in this thread made a valid point about grading standards being different in other parts of the world. It may be worth the expense of having a US based degree equivalency service convert your international grades to a US GPA. I don't want to advertise any one particular service, but if you look on the HKS website you will find the name of a service they accept. I had my UK MBA degree converted and found my US equivalent GPA far better than I would have expected. Like you, I had a terrible undergraduate career. I've since gone on to two graduate, professional programs where I did
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